Best program to optimize and speed up Windows 10 PC

Best program to optimize and speed up Windows 10 PC [2021]

Most of us use our computers on a daily basis, as they have become an essential tool in our day to day life. Thanks to them we can perform a number of activities such as creating documents, files, managing photos and videos, searching the web, accessing our social networks or checking our email.

For none of us it is a secret that with the daily use that we give to our computers with Windows 10, little by little we are noticing slowness in their performance and performance which is logical since many programs and applications leave objects such as cache, thumbnails and more.

Hard drives occupy their sectors with sometimes unnecessary data and the CPU or RAM reach maximum levels of use. All of this makes our team wear out. That is why it is time to give a new look to your computer and that is why Solvetic will give you a complete summary of the best programs available to accelerate and optimize Windows 10.

BootsSpeed ​​11

It is one of the best options available thanks to its integrated functions that not only allow you to optimize your computer but also to carry out many tasks in Windows 10. The latest version 11 of BoostSpeed ​​not only incorporates all the known tools for PC optimization such as Disk Defragmentation, Registry Cleaner, Driver Updater, etc. It also has other special features such as “Cat Mode” to protect your PC from threats, Internet Optimizer to ensure optimal connection speed, and the ability to ask questions to connect directly with Auslogics experts.

  • Manage and manage applications on Windows 10 startup
  • Tweak Manager which gives us a series of predefined settings to be implemented on the computer
  • Registry defragmenter which removes registry entries in order to decrease the amount of memory used
  • Application uninstall manager
  • Driver Updater
  • Tools to detect duplicate files or folders
  • Detection and correction of errors in the hard disk
  • Deleted File Recovery
  • Windows 10 App Cleaner
  • Windows 10 protector with different security settings
  • Utility to safely delete files
  • Integrated antimalware
  • Record Finder
  • Integrated Storage Drive Explorer
  • “”Ask a Question” function, which allows users to ask Auslogics product specialists a question to answer questions and to be able to help if questions arise when using the program.
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Tutorial to know how to optimize Windows 10 PC and internet to the maximum and have better operating system performance.
Glary Utilities Pro

Glary has been developed as a comprehensive solution focused on optimizing the overall performance of the computer as it increases the speed of both the CPU and RAM and thereby prevents blocking errors or more.
Glary offers us one-click functionalities and integrates automated options to help us with optimization tasks.


Among its benefits we find:

  • Automated care service which integrates privacy protection, system cleaning and many more
  • It has more than 20 tools designed to help speed up team processes
  • Shortcut Cleaner
  • Hard drive error fixer
  • Managing Windows 10 startup applications
  • Spyware removal function
  • Clean temporary files
  • System Registry Repair
  • Function to detect duplicate files and folders
  • Manage app uninstallations
  • It has a memory optimizer
  • Includes a disk defragmenter
  • Manage operating system updates
  • Delete files safely
  • Can encode and decode files
  • Manage system processes
  • Can analyze system hard drives
  • Allows you to create system backups
  • Manage Windows restore
  • You can undo changes made to the team and more

Its download is available at the following link:

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Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System is designed with a special focus on processors as this utility takes 100% of the processor cores and takes care of accelerating them to the maximum available clock speed. This causes that as users we experience a change in the performance of the system.

Iolo host the data on the hard disk using the contiguous batch method, this improves the read / write processes on the disk.


Some of its characteristics are:

  • Windows registry repair
  • Access password security level functions
  • Disk analyzer
  • Windows startup management
  • System boot time optimization

Your download is available at the following link:

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Advanced SystemCare Pro

Developed by iobit, this is one of the many solutions available to achieve an optimal team. It does this by using advanced, automated features with a mission to improve computer performance.

Principal functions

Some of its main functions are:

  • Advanced registry cleaner
  • You can optimize the browser settings in order to speed up the Internet connection
  • It is in the ability to clean traces online or block access to personal files
  • Autocare function for PC which acts based on the defined programming
  • Defragment the information on the hard drive to optimize its performance
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Basic protection with Spyware removal
  • Features to improve ignition up to 200% faster
  • Can capture intruders automatically with FaceID
  • Security for personal files

You can download it at the following link:

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AVG TuneUp

Known by many, AVG has set itself the task of offering us a utility to optimize our equipment which makes use of a renewed technology in sleep mode. This technology allows to increase the speed and performance of the computer and also uses a cleaning function of the browser and the hard disk, seeking that the processes are as light as possible. characteristics

Some of its main functions are:

  • Automatic maintenance function which cleans browser traces, web cookies and cache memory
  • Fix problems in system logs
  • Remove bloatware and PUAs that affect performance
  • Integrated uninstaller with which applications are correctly removed
  • hard disk analyzer
  • Zero hassle Software Updater

You can download it at the following link:

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Surely 90% of us have heard of CCleaner to perform numerous tasks on the system which range from deleting temporary files to managing hard drives. This makes CCleaner one of the most popular tools, its simplicity and performance.


The fact that it is one of the most popular is due to its functions, which are:

  • Control which applications are using computer resources
  • New PC Health Check function with which the performance of the equipment is analyzed and improved
  • CCleaner can delete the trace files and browsing data of the different browsers used
  • Junk files protection
  • Functionality to clean the browser when closing it
  • Defraggler function which keeps the hard drives in good condition allowing them to work efficiently
  • Speccy integration to access full system details
  • CCleaner’s proprietary registry cleaner removes corrupted registries
  • Background program management
  • Safe app remover
  • Browser plugin manager

CCleaner can be downloaded for free at the following link:

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Another popular application is Ashampoo which has been conceived as a cleaner and accelerator for Windows operating systems. It hopes to be one of the best solutions as 23 modules are integrated to enhance and customize Windows 10.

Ashampoo includes special functions to analyze the operating system and hardware, erase or encrypt data, as well as recover files.


Solvetic highlights the following features in Ashampoo:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Managing system policies using User Rights Manager
  • Manages battery power (for laptops)
  • System Restore Manager function to manage restore points
  • Ability to save and restore changes with the Backup Manager feature
  • Allows you to analyze and clean hard drives using Drive Cleaner
  • One-Click-Optimizer which allows one-click analysis
  • Registry Optimizer functionality to optimize Windows 10 registries
  • Integrates more than 80 new and fast components
  • Option to perform secure encryption and split files with File Manipulator
  • Safely delete files
  • Allows you to securely encrypt and decrypt files
  • Supports ExFat partitions
  • Optimal SSD support
  • We can display disk space usage and search for large files using DiskSpace Explorer utility
  • It will be possible to analyze disk errors with System Benchmark
  • Uninstall Manager helps us uninstall programs completely and safely
  • It will be possible to optimize Internet connections to the maximum using Internet Tuner
  • Includes an antispyware to improve the security of Windows 10

We can download Ashampoo at the following link:

Comodo PC Tuneup

Comodo has stood out for creating security solutions and PC Tuneup is one of these comprehensive solutions to improve the performance of our equipment thanks to its added functions that allow us to simply perform different tasks for this optimization purpose.


We highlight the following functionalities in Comodo PC Tuneup:

  • Analyzes startup, shutdown, application execution and read / write events on the system’s own hard drive.
  • Allows you to analyze Windows settings and restore defaults if necessary.
  • How to identify and delete files that are not necessary to use and take up disk space
  • Detects and repairs problems in objects such as font locations, DLL libraries, shared folders, and more

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We can download Comodo PC Tuneup at the following link:

Slimware Utilities SlimCleaner Free

It is a simple application that aims to access better program response time, create more disk space, and manage unwanted programs on the system.


We can highlight the following in Slimware:

  • Find and remove duplicate files
  • Scans the hard drive for errors
  • Search large files
  • Helps optimize Windows 10 boot
  • Manage Windows 10 software

It is available for download at the following URL:

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Norton Utilities

Developed by the traditional Norton, Norton Utilities is a set of applications that have been created to optimize Windows 10 to the maximum.

With this tool pordás

  • Free up hard drive space by searching for duplicate files and unused applications
  • Increase equipment speed from startup
  • Manage digital privacy by deleting recently opened files as well as browsing history of websites
  • One-click optimization
  • Allows you to recover deleted files

Norton Utilities is available at the following link:

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Each of these applications have a special objective such as optimizing our equipment to the maximum and thereby allowing daily work to feel much more productive.