Best mobile games list

Best mobile games list – Top 10 android and ios game recommendations that will lock you in

In the age of the Internet, there is almost no one left who does not use a computer. Mobile games, which they can always have with them, have also become popular after people of all ages are locked into computers in order to pass the time. In this regard, we have compiled for you the best 10 android and ios game suggestions that will lock you in by making a list of the best mobile games for you.

The most beautiful feature of these games, which are among the favorite games of mobile game lovers, is that they can be played easily in the mobile environment. Thanks to the increasing technological developments in recent years, mobile phones can be enjoyed without slowing down due to the development of mobile phones. Let’s take a look at the list of the top ten mobile games that offer the ability to play online and offline and leave their mark on 2021.

PUBG – Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

Designed by Breandan Greene in 2017, the game took its place in mobile applications on Android and IOS platforms in 2018. This game, which has influenced millions of people, has become addictive in people. The game, which has war content, starts the game without equipment by entering the selected region through the map given on a region by including 100 people. Since the need for equipment arises to be involved in the war in the later stages of the game, you can get excited from the moment you start in the game where progress is made by collecting equipment. First of all, in the struggle with self-protection and the team, the last person wins by completing the game with the first place.
Mobile Legends – bang bang

Mobile legends, which is an action game, is a PEGI production and comes up with a combat combat presentation. You can play the game with your close friends if you wish, in which you will try to outdo the opposing players by strengthening the character you have chosen. You can participate in global tournaments with the strategy game.
call of duty mobile

The game, which is a legendary war game among computer games, is now also available in mobile applications.
Clash of clans is a
legendary war and strategy game.
Brawl stars
Among the most played mobile games, brawl stars; It offers the opportunity to fight with special and different modes such as diamond snatching, bounty hunting, robbery. You can play alone as well as with your friends.
Asphalt 9 – legends
It is a legendary racing game. Offering different camera angles, the game is seen as the best racing game of recent years.
Clash royale
The game, which offers the opportunity to fight with real players from all over the world, is appreciated for its strategic content.
candy Crush Saga
It is among the games preferred by all age groups.
FIFA Mobile

It is a football game played with real opponents online.
e-Football PES
The game, in which you will fight for league and championship by forming your own team, is loved by millions of people around the games between.