Benjamin Mendy case: the key dates to understand the legal proceedings against the Manchester City player

The former defender of the France team, accused of seven rapes and a sexual assault, has been imprisoned since the end of August.

The Benjamin Mendy affair is far from coming to an end. Wednesday 22 December, While presented in front of Chester Crown Court, the Manchester City player was charged with a seventh rape . He was already charged with six rapes and sexual assault by four different women.

Since the end of August and the first accusations shared by the Cheshire police, until this latest twist, the noose has continued to tighten around the Defender of 27 years.

24 August: Benjamin Mendy accused of four rapes and one sexual assault

Everything starts on 26 August, when the Cheshire Police revealed in the afternoon that Benjamin Mendy had been remanded in custody on four charges of rape and one of assault sexual. A few minutes earlier, his club Manchester City had announced the player’s suspension until further notice due to an investigation he was the subject of. Benjamin Mendy is imprisoned at Altcourse Prison, Merseyside, on 24 August.

Club statement.

– Manchester City (@ManCity) August 24, 2021

16 November: British justice notifies two new charges of rape

The 16 November, the Crown Prosecution Service, which is responsible for prosecuting in England, reveals that the former France international has been charged with two more rapes, pushing the total of charges to six rapes and one sexual assault. Benjamin Mendy was heard by the court again over the next two days, and he was kept in detention at Altcourse.

22 December: Benjamin Mendy charged with a seventh rape, the date of his trial postponed

A new hearing is scheduled for Wednesday December, during which the defender of 26 years must plead guilty or not guilty. But the Chester Crown court announces that Benjamin Mendy is indicted for a seventh rape, and that the trial date, originally scheduled for 17 January, is postponed to allow the prosecution and defense to study the whole case.

Altcourse prison, where Benjamin Mendy is being held. (PETER BYRNE / MAXPPP)

The dates to come: two hearings on the 7th and 26 January, the trial not before 27 June

The case will continue for a good part of the year 2022 . A hearing will be held from January 7, and will address the conditions of detention of Benjamin Mendy, with the issue of bail in particular. On 24 January, the player will have to rule on his guilt at a pre-trial hearing. This will take place on 27 June or August 1 2021.