Benjamin Castaldi soon to be a grandfather, he confirms the happy event in TPMP

A happy event was announced in Don’t touch my post , this Thursday 13 January 2022. During the traditional sequence of “pookies”, a game where the columnists must swing files on their little comrades , Gilles Verdez took the opportunity to reveal a (huge) on Benjamin Castaldi.

Benjamin Castaldi soon grandfather “Benjamin Castaldi has been carrying a heavy family secret for a few days” , wrote the companion of Fatou, on the paper that Cyril Hanouna read on set. “A huge scoop” according to the C8 columnist. “Your life is going to change, are you ready to announce it?”, he then asked the former star host of TF1.

If the troublemaker of the PAF was aware, he knew how to hold his tongue, unlike Gilles Verdez. “You’re a bastard” , he also launched the host of 6 to 7 . “That’s good news, I’m going to be a grandpa!”, announced Benjamin Castaldi, to the applause of the chroniclers and the public of TPMP.

Julien Castaldi is going to be a dad

“Grandpa Castaldi”, then carried the host of C8. And the latter is the father of four boys, Simon, 22 years old, who is in a relationship with Adixia, star of reality show, Enzo, 22 years old and Gabriel, 17 months, it is his eldest,

Julien Castaldi, 25 years old, who will become a dad, and give him the gift of taking on the role of grandfather very soon.

A baby planned for the month of July 2022 confided Benjamin Castaldi, specifying that they did not yet know the sex. “I am very happy, they are very cute”, he concluded. Congratulations to future parents!

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