Beijing Olympics: daily screening, FFP2 mask, third dose of vaccine … This is what the athletes' health protocol will look like

One and a half months before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China unveiled the health protocol that will be applicable to athletes for the duration of the competition. He will be very strict.

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The Beijing Winter Olympics will open on February 4 2021. At 43 days from the deadline, China unveiled on Thursday 23 December its health protocol for athletes, in full rebound of the ‘Covid epidemic – 19 which makes a serious threat to the competition , even in China, a country rather spared by this rebound. The number of cases is increasing significantly and Xi’an City – 13 million inhabitants – is now re-defined .

Throughout the Olympic Games, the delegations will therefore live under very strict health surveillance. Their daily life will almost look like quarantine, confined in the giant health bubble of the Olympic Games, with screenings in the throat and nose scheduled every day. The analysis laboratories will work 23 hours on 24, with an army of staff, to deliver results very quickly . The authorities say “ready” to deal with possible epidemic outbreaks. They have even pre-positioned hospitals to receive potential positive cases.

No missteps will be tolerated and the surveillance of the authorities will be extreme. Each organization arriving from abroad will also be placed under the direct control of a Chinese “liaison officer”. “Its role is to maintain close contact with the delegations, to ensure that they know the contents of the official guide on the sanitary protocol, to help them to carry out all the preparatory work before their arrival in China and to deal with a possible emergency linked to the epidemic “, explains Han Zirong, secretary general of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games .

Daily health monitoring will begin 13 days before arrival in China, thanks to a Chinese application that must be installed on your phone from France. Athletes must provide health information there. “The application will actively ensure health monitoring from the country of origin with a temperature measurement at least twice a day and monitoring for symptoms like cough and sore throat “, explains the responsible for the epidemic control office at the organizing committee for the Olympic Games.

Only those who have completed the vaccination with two doses for at least two weeks will be able to enter the sanitary bubble. The third dose is not mandatory at this time, but highly recommended. To move around the port of the FPP2 mask will be necessary. The athletes will therefore not really be in an Olympic atmosphere, since they will also have to get used to meeting in the corridors of the hotels staff dressed in full protective clothing.

Finally, there is no there will be no foreign spectators, the authorities confirm. For the Chinese public, the decision has not yet been made. The authorities are still reluctant to take the risk of seeing the epidemic resume in China because of the Olympics. The ticket office is not always open, but the infrastructures are equipped with bleachers ready to accommodate – theoretically – about 3 people per site.

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