Because of repression by China: US government offers protection to Hong Kong residents

The US government wants to offer protection to people from Hong Kong who, for the time being, do not want to return to their homeland for fear of repression by China. US President Joe Biden signed a memorandum on Thursday containing the deportations and deportations of Hong Kong residents, for example because of expired residence permits, with exceptions for 18 Suspends months.

Those affected should have “temporary refuge” in the USA , the White House announced. This shows the clear support of the administration of US President Biden for the people in Hong Kong against continuing repression of China.

The enactment of a security law in Hong Kong over a year ago had sparked outrage worldwide . Beijing passed the law after sustained protests in the Chinese Special Administrative Region and calls for more democracy. It is vaguely directed against activities that are viewed as subversive, separatist, terrorist, or conspiratorial.

Since then, it has served the authorities to take massive action against the democracy movement in Hong Kong . Many opposition members from Hong Kong have fled abroad for fear of prosecution.

Blinken denounces mass arrests Since July 1st 1997 the former British crown colony Hong Kong has belonged to China again and is governed autonomously as a special administrative region. Actually, the seven million Hong Kongers up to 2047 should enjoy “a high degree of autonomy” and many freedoms. From the point of view of critics, however, the security law has replaced the long-standing principle of “one country, two systems” with “one country, one system”.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized China’s security law further undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy. Among other things, he denounced mass arrests and a restriction on the freedom of the press in Hong Kong.

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