Batman is not just a superhero according to Robert Pattinson

Credit: Warner Bros. ” This is unlike anything I’ve done before” Robert Pattinson told the Daily Record (via WGTC), impatient for viewers to discover The Batman. History of teaser the feature film, the actor adds: “ It was such a fun experience. He is one of the greatest fictional characters of this century. It was a huge honor to play him

”. Because for those who missed an episode, the man puts on the costume of the superhero in the film led by Matt Reeves. A filmmaker to whom we owe Cloverfield and two acclaimed episodes of The Planet of the Apes. Suffice to say that many fans are waiting for this new iteration of a vigilante once played by Michael Keaton, Christian Bale or even Ben Affleck.

And during this interview, Robert Pattinson shares more details about Bruce Wayne’s writing.

Credit: Warner Bros.According to him, Batman is not a simple superhero. Read also : The Batman Reveals Info About Bruce Wayne’s Childhood

A completely new approach

You will take a little info on The Batman ? How to refuse when the interpreter of Bruce Wayne in person speaks of his perception of the superhero! During an interview, Robert Pattinson confided in his iteration of the character. The opportunity to say more about the film by Matt Reeves but above all to share his impressions. During filming, I happened to see myself in the reflection of something and it reminded me that I was Batman. Anyone who’s played an iconic superhero remembers the first time they put on the costume. Yes, it was quite special. The costume does a lot of work for you during fight scenes even if it’s hard to wear. I needed to know as much about the character’s backstory as possible to see what hadn’t been done yet. People see Batman as a superhero but in our story, we question his true nature and approach him from very different angles. different.

Robert Pattinson This adaptation therefore promises a new reading of the myth. Remember thate The Batman unveiled a new official trailer on 14 January 2022, visible below. The Batman releases March 2 2022 indoors. 2048