Barry Gibbs releasing bluegrass inspired album, ‘Greenfields’

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Transcript for Barry Gibbs releasing bluegrass inspired album, ‘Greenfields’

Right now we’re looking forward to “Pop news” with Lara. Good morning, Lara. Hi you guys. So good to see you. Happy new year to everybody. I know it’s Monday, but I thought we could use a little Saturday night fever to celebrate the bee gee’s co-founder Barry Gibb. He’s announcing his music is evolving from disco to country. He’s releasing an album called “Greenfields” which includes duets with dolly parton. Take a look. You think that I don’t even mean a single word I say it’s only words word are all I have to take your heart away Love that song. Isn’t the only famous voice helping Gibb in his transition to country. Olivia newton John, Sheryl crow, Miranda lambert, Keith urban and brandy Carlisle are featured on the new album. It comes out this Friday to coincide with a documentary on the bee gees. Take a look at this. The bee gees. Once again the fabulous bee gees. You can tell by the way I use my walk most exciting sound in the world. So good. It’s called “The bee gees, how can you mend a broken heart”ment streaming on HBO max now. Fs of “Jeopardy!” Get to say their final farewells to Alex trebek as the last five episodes with the legend air this week. They were all taped in October weeks before trebek passed away. “Jeopardy!” Posting a heart-felt montage of the beloved host’s amazing career on Instagram writin 36 years. Over 8200 episodes, countless memory. Tune in to ABC every night for Alex trebek’s final five “Jeopardy!” Episodes. A message of kindness and epic dance moves thanks to Harry styles. He released a new video for his song “Treat people with kindness.” He invites the Emmy winning star of “Flea bag” to come on stage D dance with him. They’re so good. The duo breaking into that killer dance routine wearing matching outfits. It has the internet going crazy for the two beloved Brits. The song is called “Treat people with kindness.” That’s the perfect mantra as we begin 2021. Sending it back to you all in the studio. Apparently riva agrees because we heard her barking along. She’s been enjoying some dental jerky this morning and really likes it. We can see. Back to you. The treat that keeps on giving. Lara, thank you. We turn to our “Gma” cover

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