Barça: Tebas' miracle solution to recruit Haaland this summer

In an interview with Sport, La Liga president Javier Tebas felt that in order to recruit Erling Haaland this summer, Barca would have to accept the deal with the investment fund CVC, which he refuses for the moment to sign.

But where Erling Haaland will he put his vacation this summer? The soap opera should shake the coming months, while the stature of the Norwegian now seems too imposing for Borussia Dortmund and that he is actively courted by all the European behemoths. FC Barcelona has made the attacker his priority but his poor financial health makes the transaction impossible for the moment… Unless drastically downsizing the workforce , as explained in an interview to Sport La Liga President Javier Tebas.

” Joan Laporta ( the president of Barça, editor’s note ) already knows what to do, I have already told him “, explained Tebas. “The situation is complicated, but I gave him my recommendations. He knows he has a lot of work to do and that there must be departures.” Last season, the club lost 100 millions of euros, which brought its debt at a record amount: 1, 25 billion euros. The consequence of repeated failures during the last mercatos and too large a wage bill.

500 millions of sales for Haaland

For recruit, Barça therefore has little room for maneuver. He could use, exceptionally, the rule of 1/4, which stipulates that a club with an already too large payroll has the right to spend on a new player 16% of what he saves through other financial transactions, including sales. The Blaugrana institution could therefore use this rule, by selling players “like Coutinho or Umtiti “, to “integrate a other player “, in this case Haaland.

But with a transfer amount as high as that of the Norwegian, is still under contract until 2024 with Dortmund, which should happily exceed 100 millions of euros with commissions, this scenario is highly unlikely. “It is necessary to recover practically all the losses which took place and it is very complicated because one speaks practically of 481 millions of euros “, enlightened Tebas.

Sign with CVC to pay off the debt

For the latter, the best solution for Barça would be to sign the agreement with CVC , a British capital which invests funds in La Liga and its clubs in exchange for % of LaLiga profits during 35 year. 16 Spanish Championship teams have accepted this agreement, but not the Catalan club which considered it economically unfavorable in the long term. In the short term, however, it could allow him to pay off his debt and become active again in the transfer market.

“I don’t think they did a real analysis of the operation given the arguments that were used by both the vice-president and the general manager of Barca, which ensured that they were going to lose a lot of money, tried to explain Tebas. The financial operation corresponds to 1.3% of their budget. That’s a lot of outrage for something that would greatly improve FC Barcelona’s economy and access to players. To be honest, I don’t understand. ”