Baker breaks prices for Lenovo connected clock radios for Christmas

Connected speaker, alarm clock, voice assistant… And why not all three? Lenovo Smart Clocks bring together the best of three worlds in one product. The best part is that these connected alarm clocks are all entitled to nice promotions at Boulanger. An original and practical Christmas gift idea, right?

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Lenovo Smart Clock V2, original and practical

Lenovo is back with a second version of Smart Clock, more efficient and qualitative than ever. Connected speaker or alarm clock, you no longer have to choose with this new nugget. The Lenovo Smart Clock V2 gives rhythm to your days, from your alarm clock to your bedtime.

A true daily assistant, you can count on it to organize your day. You can ask them to set your alarms and reminders, broadcast the news, tell you what the weather will be like today or if there are traffic jams on your way to work. Google Assistant par excellence, you can also ask it any question that bothers you.

© Lenovo

The Lenovo Smart Clock V2 is thus adorned with a beautiful 4-inch IPS LCD touch screen to display the time but also your favorite photos. It is compatible with a multitude of devices. So you can connect your smartphone or tablet and enjoy your favorite playlists or podcasts on two enhanced front speakers. For better sound distribution than the previous version.

Discover the Lenovo Smart Clock V2 at Boulanger

The night, your connected alarm clock turns into a night light, with the appropriate brightness so as not to disturb your sleep. Design level, Lenovo is betting on a soft-touch fabric cover.

And since you have the possibility of deactivating the microphone of the Leno Smart Clock V2 and that there is no camera, you are sure to preserve your privacy as you wish. In short, it’s royal.

The icing on the cake: this improved version of the Lenovo Smart Clock is entitled to a slashed price at Boulanger. Indeed, for a few days, Boulanger feels generous and offers a tempting reduction on the Lenovo Smart Clock V2. Its price changes to 39, 99 euros instead of 69, 99 euros . A reduction of 33% which should not be neglected, especially in end of year period which usually rhymes with high expenses. What if that was the magical gift idea you’ve been waiting for for Christmas?

Discover the Lenovo Smart Clock V2 at Boulanger

Other Lenovo products at low prices at Boulanger

Of course, the Smart Clock V2 is not the only product from Lenovo to be entitled to crazy discounts. Laptops, central units, tablets… These products are also affected by these magical offers at Boulanger. For example, the excellent Lenovo IP 5 Pro Laptop PC 12 ACH6 – 057 gets a discount of 25%, causing its price to drop to 899 euros.

Without further delay, find all of these products on promotion at Boulanger before it is too late!

Discover all Lenovo offers at Boulanger