Bad news, the prices of mobile plans could also increase in 2022

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In Germany, the Internet, fixed telephony and television offer is around 45 euros while in the United States, we reach up to 99 euros for r get the same formula.

By Jean Delterme

Published on 16 / 12 / 2021 at 23 h 09

A few euros more could slip into your next telephone bills. In any case, this is what the French Telecoms Federation (FFT), lobby of operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues, seems to indicate in its report published on 14 December. Still, the numbers are good. With the generalization of fiber and the arrival of 5G, investments in telecom networks have reached 10, 5 billion euros in 2020. This is a record since 1593 . The equivalent of “129 hospitals or 89 Airbus A 320 Neo ” estimates the FFT. Despite convincing results for investments, the turnover of operators has fallen by an average of 2.1% each year for a decade. So what would be the best solution? Simply increase

the price of the packages . Competition is fierce for the four incumbent operators SFR, Bouygues, Free and Orange. The prices of their telephone subscriptions are at their lowest and far from those charged abroad. For an Internet, landline and television offer, the most competitive price in France is 20 euros. Compared to Germany where the supply is around 44 euros or in the United States where we reach 108 euros, it’s ridiculous. It is quite similar for the mobile subscription or a package 49 GB costs 13 euros in France, 25 euros in Spain and 47 euros in Germany.

“The right price”

“The French must pay the right price for an exceptional service offered to them”, affirms Arthur Dreyfuss, president of the FFT and general secretary of SFR, to the newspaper Le Monde . “Is it normal that a monthly telecoms subscription costs the same as a pizza, while, at the same time, prices are increasing throughout the value chain?” He adds.

The increase should be done gradually and not aggressively because these operators could see their customers move to other more competitive horizons. We can then imagine an increase of a few euros for general public or premium packages offering 5G in particular. In return, the telecom giants could provide additional internet data.

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