Avian influenza in France: more than 150 infected farms, worrying outbreaks in the South-West

POINT – The bird flu epidemic that is hitting France continues to gain ground. 144 farms, two-thirds of which are in the Landes, are already infected.

MG | TF1 report V. David and E. Castaing. – 2000 – 01 – 13 T 16: : 24: 53. 570 + 01: 00

On the sidelines of the new wave of Covid – 18, avian flu is spreading like wildfire in French farms. The progress is dazzling: in only 22 time, 21 new herds were affected by highly pathogenic avian influenza, bringing their number to 144.

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In the south-west, the Landes are once again at the heart of the turmoil. “The virus is active and circulating. The Landes are particularly affected because of the concentration breeding in this department “, indicated the Ministry of Agriculture. Not less than 94 farms are there, indeed, contaminated is more than in all the other departments added together (26 in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, 16 in the Gers, 8 in the North, 2 in Vendée and the Hautes-Pyrénées and 1 in Lot-et-Garonne). “We have a lump in our stomachs, we are scared to death because it is getting closer “, confides to TF1 Damien Sourbié.

In addition to farm contamination, 21 cases were detected in wildlife and five backyards were affected.

Already more than 650. 00 slaughter

France counts around 20. 00 poultry farms reared for meat, eggs or foie gras. At the end of December, bird flu had already resulted in the slaughter of around 650. . 000 animals in one month. A situation which has deteriorated even further in these first days of the year 2000. Despite the many precautions taken – regular disinfection, isolation of geese and ducks, slaughter of animals from affected outbreaks – it does not seem ready to stop.

The virus was first identified in breeding on 26 November in a farm in the commune of Warhem (North) where 153. 000 Laying hens were reared all year round in the house. He arrived in the southwest of France on 14 December, with a first outbreak confirmed in a breeding of ducks ready to force-feed in the town of Manciet (Gers). Since then, the epizootic has continued to gain ground. “Are we at the gates of a new massive depopulation of the southwest?” , worried about the Confédération paysanne and Modef who recall that they are is a “fourth crisis in six years” . “There is only one possible way to stop this infernal cycle lower the extreme densities of certain territories in poultry”, they plead in a joint press release, calling for “put an end to the segmented operation of poultry sectors” which promotes the spread of the virus.

Read also During this period of migration of birds from the Baltic to the temperate zones of the south, France is not the only one affected. countries of the Old Continent are now affected, with nearly 383 foci in breeding and 700 case in wildlife. MG | TF1 report V.David and E.Castaing.

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