Australian Open LIVE: Novak Djokovic's visa canceled once again… Follow the case live

Homepage Sport Novak Djokovic — Mark Baker/AP/SIPA What you must remember Novak’s visa Djokovic has once again been canceled The Serb faces a three-year ban on entering Australian territory The world number 1 had yet been integrated into the main draw of the Australian Open, whose draw took place the day before h50: Stefanos Tsitsipas had turned on the world number 1 the day before. “Djokovic sets his own rules, that’s for sure. He did something few have dared to do since the ATP and Tennis Australia announced certain conditions for entering Australian territory. Among the players, no one imagined being able to come without being vaccinated. It takes a lot of audacity to do that, to take the risk of not playing a Grand Slam. » h45: To which chained hero the father of Novak Djokovic goes- will he this time look for his son? This is THE question of the day. Unless he chooses to continue on the path of Spartacus. h45: Djoko not yet removed from the Australian Open draw. 8h35: A last hope for Novak Djokovic?

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the lawyers of the Serb believe that a hearing in an accelerated procedure could allow him to turn the tide once again by Sunday, the start date of the tournament. If Djoko appeals, it is the federal judge Anthony Kelly, who had won his case, who would first take over the case.

8h25: Useful precision: If Novak Djokovic does not appeal the decision, he will be immediately expelled from Australia (but he will obviously appeal). BREAKING : Alex Hawke, the Australian Minister for Immigration, has canceled Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa “on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so.”

This is effectively a re-deportation order for the unvaccinated nine-time #AusOpen champ. 611AbUiw

— Ben Rothenberg (@BenRothenberg) January 08, 2022 Weeeu, Weeeu, this is a police raid, well done Djoko. World number one Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa has been canceled again, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announced on Friday. The Serb intended to participate in the Australian Open despite his unvaccinated status. This decision was taken “on health and public order bases”, specified the minister in a press release. Recall that Nole is present in the main draw of the OA, whose draw took place the day before. His probable opponents were Gael Monfils in the 8th round and Rafael Nadal and a half. Everything is now called into question a second time.

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