Australian Open: Djokovic's last hope after visa cancellation

The new cancellation of Novak Djokovic’s visa seriously compromises his chances of participating in the Australian Open even if his lawyers counterattack and count on a response from justice Sunday.

The decision fell after four days of uncertainty: Novak Djokovic’s visa to stay in Australia has been canceled again, this Friday. The Minister of Immigration has indeed decided to activate his discretionary power to deport the Serb, who has not been vaccinated, because of his inability to justify his medical exemption. The file had become a source of great pressure for the government which was investigating murky elements about the confinement of the world number one in Serbia, his lie on the entry form to the country, and doubts about the veracity of his positive test. to the covid transmitted to the authorities.

“Today I exercised my authority under the article 10 C(3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa held by Mr. Novak Djokovic for reasons of health and good order, on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so, the press release states. Alx Hawke, Minister of Immigration This decision follows orders from the Federal Circuit and Family Court dated 10 January 2022, reversing an earlier annulment decision on grounds of procedural fairness. In making this decision, I have carefully considered the information provided to me by the Home Office, the Australian Border Force and Mr. Djokovic.”

The hearing again before Judge Kelly?

Djokovic’s participation in the Australian Open, which begins Monday, is heavily compromised. Because the player could be pushed to leave the country in the next few hours. But all is not yet lost. According to the Australian press, his lawyers have warned that they will immediately initiate new proceedings in such circumstances. According to The Age, they intend to obtain an emergency hearing by reducing the length of the written submissions and oral evidence provided. It will indeed be necessary to act very quickly since the Grand Slam begins in three days. In the event of an appeal, Djokovic could again be placed in detention, for lack of a valid visa.

The case could return to judge Anthony Kelly who had agreed with Djokovic on Monday by ordering the release and visa to the Serb. According to Australian media, the case could also be sent to federal court. A judge has reportedly been placed on hold since the beginning of the week to deal with the case.