Australian Open: Djokovic's family celebrates “biggest victory of his career”

The family of Novak Djokovic, released from the detention center where he was placed since his visa was canceled, organized a press conference in Belgrade on Monday.

Reinvigorated by the decision of the federal judge having approved the release of their son, Novak, the Djokovic family hastened to organize a press conference on Monday, denouncing the treatment of the world No. 1. The mother, Dijana, went so far as to mention the “torture” which would have been inflicted on her son at the detention center in which he was in the last few days: “He did nothing wrong, he did not violate none of their laws, she said. It was extremely difficult for us, we tried to fight for him so that his voice would be heard all over the world. ”

Djokovic’s father: “A great victory for the free world”

“At times, he did not have his cell phone with him. We had no idea what was going on, “said the family of Novak Djokovic who, if he is free at present, is not yet out of the woods , far from it. The court decision was however experienced and celebrated as a victory by the Djokovic clan. “It’s the biggest victory of his career, bigger than any of his victories in a Grand Slam tournament,” enthused the mother of the champion.

“The last few days it has been very, very difficult for all free-thinking people in the world. But he is mentally extremely, extremely strong,” said father Srdan. They took away all his rights, his rights. to be human. This is a great victory for the free world. Justice and the rule of law have prevailed. The judge who presided over the case showed that Novak was not the culprit for a second. was fantastic, he just followed the facts. He made the only decision he could and that was to free Novak. ”