Australian Open: already on the court to train, Djokovic thanks the judge

Novak Djokovic spoke for the first time since the judge canceled the cancellation of his visa. The Serbian wants to stay in Australia to get a title in Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic comes out of the silence. Hours after the judge’s decision to revoke the cancellation of his visa, the world number one posted his first words on social media, along with a photo taken at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, where he was able to s ‘train. “I am happy and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancellation. Despite everything that has happened, I want to stay and try to compete at the Australian Open. I remain focused on this goal. came here to play one of the most important events we have had, in front of amazing fans. So far I can’t say more but THANKS everyone for supporting me through it all and for m ‘have encouraged to stay strong “.

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The situation is not yet resolved

If the nine-time winner of the Australian Open has won a first battle after the annulment of the initial decision, nothing is yet final. He can now walk without problems in the streets of Melbourne or eat at a restaurant but Djokovic remains under the threat of a discretionary expulsion from the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, who can still, at any time, decide the cancellation of the visa of Serbian number one and his deportation.

According to 9 News Australian, Alex Hawke would still be in reflection on this subject this Monday while The Sydney Morning Herald evokes the day of Tuesday for the making of this decision by the Minister of Immigration.

Novak Djokovic did not have him wasted time getting back into shape with a very late training session in Melbourne. The Serb posted a photo of himself on the Rod Laver Arena during his thank you message.