Audi: towards “bar lounge” charging stations

It is a fact, the sales of electric cars increase gradually each year, which inexorably imposes a growing demand on the side of the charging infrastructure. At Audi, in addition to the Ionity network , we have just presented a brand new charging station, which not only has fast charging stations, but also … a lounge area!

The “lounge” style recharge at Audi

Indeed, from this 23 December, customers residing near Nuremberg will be able to take advantage of this atypical charging station, which allows recharging electric cars with a power of up to 320 kW, on six charging points. In total, around 50 vehicles per day can be recharged here without reaching the limits of the capacity of the energy storage system combined with 200 kW of power from the hub.

But the real peculiarity of this new station is obviously the presence of a lounge accessible to all, of approximately 200 m², which also includes a patio of 40 m². While waiting for the full charge of their car, customers can work there and relax. On a large screen of 98 ″, it is possible to configure Audi models or consult information on the functionality of the Audi charging station, or even the current charge level of a car.

“ We want to use it to test a flexible and upscale fast-charging infrastructure in urban areas “, explains Ralph Hollmig, Audi charging station project manager. “ We go where our customers do not necessarily wake up in the morning with a fully charged electric car and at the same time we are thinking of the increased demand for recharging at the to come up.”

On the price side, anyone choosing to use the high-power charging stations of the new Audi charging platform in Nuremberg and having of an e-tron Charging Service contract can recharge for 24 cents per kilowatt hour, regardless of the price. Note that, during the pilot project in Nuremberg, an employee will respond to the wishes of visitors between h and 19 h 00. The six charging points, just like the lounge, will be available 23 hours on 23.