AUDI RS7, the luxury of a limousine, the V8 of a sports car – Money

Audi is modernizing and electrifying its range, but at the same time, the manufacturer still offers cars in its catalog with increasingly rare mechanics.

Under the air of a bourgeois limousine, the RS7 hides a V8 capable of transforming it as an angry sportswoman. Before the species becomes extinct and nostalgia invades us, we must hurry to enjoy its extraordinary cars, but so endearing … A car that will make the hearts of enthusiasts vibrate.

A character that can be guessed

Let’s keep it simple: it imposes some! It is low, wide, aggressive while remaining refined by a few details. At the front the huge black grille seems to have swallowed the Audi logo of the same color. The wide side air intakes aren’t just for decoration, they cool the huge ceramic brakes. The look of the car is piercing, the matrix-led lights are fine but sharp, the signature is superb. At the base of the hood there is a nod, a reference to the glorious past of the marque in rallying , an air intake in homage to the mythical Quattro. By adding the widened fenders and the long ribbed hood, this RS7 is one of the most beautiful fronts on the market! The rest of the car is wiser, the sides are lowered thanks to small skirts, as for the sublime wheels of 12 inches, they fill the arches perfectly . The rear and its slippery line seem almost wise, if we disregard the huge tailpipes, and the extractor.

Sportiness and luxury in the passenger compartment

When you open the door of a RS7 , you immediately notice the abundance of high-quality materials . Leather and Alcantara on the seats, aluminum and black lacquer on the furniture, carbon finishes, no doubt it is a luxury and sports car. The red stitching on the seats and door trims slightly enhance the dark aspect of the whole. Once installed behind the wheel, the seats are enveloping and comfortable, the multiple electric adjustments allow them to be perfectly adjusted. This Audi is not a ‘stripped down’ sports car, it is also extremely technological. The already well-known e-cockpit allows you to customize the counters using the shortcut keys on the steering wheel. Two additional screens, in the center of the dashboard, provide access to the infotainment system. Note the kinematics of the B&O speakers coming out of the dashboard, it always has its small effect! Only problem in this table, the gear lever, too massive and not very aesthetic. It deserves a more refined and sophisticated design. In terms of livability , we are comfortable both at the front and the rear, comfortably installed and above all very well maintained.

The road is his playground

The RS7 is tasted behind the wheel, after having grasped the dimensions of a limousine! In town the Audi remains flexible and the power is well balanced. The V8 of 525 ch purrs more than it scolds, it should not be forgotten that the car is intended for beautiful neighborhoods. Thanks to the rear steered wheels, it can slip through relatively easily. Be careful of the sidewalks though, which will be happy to nibble on the rims.
Let’s be honest, it is on the national road that she will be able to begin to express herself. Moreover, on the steering wheel, an ‘RS’ shortcut button allows you to quickly switch the settings to Sport mode, the voice is released … The 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox lets the engine speed go up stronger, the accelerations are powerful without violent beings. As much in town the reports pass at 3000 turns in Efficient mode, in Sport mode we climb to more than 5000.
From a wise bourgeois, the Audi turns into a nasty sportswoman, especially with the Quattro system, the chassis is formidably efficient. To stop the 2 tons of the beast , the ceramic brakes (optional) are inexhaustible, the more you use them, the more they brake! Obviously the RS7 does not have the agility of a Lotus in the bends, the weight and dimensions of the car remain present despite the on-board technological armada. Be careful with the fuel gauge though, when you take the beautiful a little hard, the fuel level drops quickly … As much as it is possible to consume about ten liters while being reasonable, this can greatly exceed twenty if you starts playing.

Rare pleasure … and dear!

The price to pay for such a pleasure, excluding its purchase cost of 172000 Euros , will soon be 6100 Euros penalty. With the price of fuel approaching 2 euros, only an elite will still be able to afford this type of car. At this price, it offers driving pleasure that is becoming increasingly rare, an incredible level of safety and allows you to touch the endangered automotive world. This beautiful German has to be earned but she will know how to reward those who deserve her, for others she will remain an icon of the automobile from before…

The Audi RS7 in a few figures:

Dimensions: L 5, 01 mxl 1, 91 mx H 1, 37 m Engine: V8 TFSI. Displacement: 3993 cm3. Powerful : 605 ch at 6100 rpm Performance: 0 to 100 km / h: 3.7 s. Max speed: 221 km / h. Consumption / CO2. Mixed: 03, 9 l / 91 km. CO2 emissions: 177 g / km. Malus 2021: 30 000 € Price (excluding penalty): From 138 454 € – Model tested: 138 525 € To read also: Ranking: the ten most expensive luxury hotels in the world to stay at this end of the year 2021!