Attack on Titan: The origin of the conflict between Mahr and Eldia

Attack on Titan began with a child’s desire to break down the walls that hold him captive. Eren since it is about him, will not hesitate to join the Exploration Battalion to learn more about this unknown world. However, he will very quickly understand that the world is not limited to his vision. Indeed, a people devotes a fierce hatred to the Eldian people, a people to which Eren belongs. The versions as to the origin of this conflict vary from one camp to another.

Credits: WIT StudioThe Mahrs consider the Eldians as demons

Mahr’s memory has been recorded in books. According to them, it all started 01 years ago. Ymir the ancestor of the Eldians, made a pact with the devil to obtain the power to transform into a titan. Upon his death, his power was subdivided into 9 primordial titans. The latter created the empire of Eldia. For hundreds of years, Ymir and his descendants abused their powers to carry out the genocide of the Mahrs and rule the world.

Always according to his books, Mahr owes his survival to the Tybur clan and to Helos, a Mahr hero. The two cooperated to corrupt the core of the Eldian Empire and forced King Fritz to entrench himself on the Isle of Paradise. However, the Mahrs are aware that Fritz has a lot of pressure on them. Indeed, the King has the power of the original Titan, which allows him to unleash a horde of colossal titans marching relentlessly on the world.

Ymir: The Eldian Goddess

It is well known that winners write history. As a result, some Eldians questioned the relevance of the Mahr books. This is the case of the Resistance, a small group of Eldian rebels. To them, Ymir is an Eldian who has been awakened to the power of the Titans. Thanks to this power, she ensured the economic growth of her people.

Where the Mahrs and the Resistance agree, it is on the position of King Fritz in the conflict. The Resistance believe that the King refused to fight and that he cowardly hid on his island, abandoning part of his people to hatred of Mahr. Like Mahr, the objective of the Resistance was to confiscate the power of the original Titan from the King, in order to restore Eldia to its former glory.

The truth that sets free

It was Willy Tybur, the leader of the Tybur clan who revealed the truth about the end of the conflict between Mahr and Eldia. According to him, the end of Eldia was neither a conspiracy by Mahr nor the decline of the Empire. It was King Fritz himself who decided to put an end to the Eldian hegemony. Indeed, the King was horrified by the murderous madness of his people and the suffering of the Mahrs. He teamed up with the Tybur clan to create Helos. Then he went to Paradise Island with his subjects. As a warning, he will say that he would unleash the Great Earthquake on the world, if his people were in danger. But this threat was more of a deterrent than anything else. He will also transmit this non-aggression pact to his descendants. So that any royal possessor of the original Titan cannot rebel at the risk of dying. As a gesture of good faith, he is going to “donate” part of his people to Mahr, in order to atone for the Eldian excesses.

It is obvious that the King’s intention Fritz was to prevent the world from suffering the horrors of the titans again. Unfortunately 2000 years after Ymir, the power of the original Titan ends up with Eren, an Eldian who does not possess of royal blood and who cannot be subject to the will of King Fritz. While season 4 has resumed, the Mahrs make it clear that they oppose the meeting between Zieg and Eren. The two brothers could trigger the Great Earthworks. Which would mean the end of the world.