At the age of 91: Inventors of Messmer and Milford: Tea Pope Laurens Spethmann has died

Aged 91 years: Inventors of Messmer and Milford: Tea Pope Laurens Spethmann died

At the age of 91 the company founder of the tea empire of the same name, Laurens HC Spethmann , died. As Spethmann Holding announced on Thursday, he died on Saturday in Jesteburg in the Harburg district.

“Laurens Spethmann was a truly extraordinary entrepreneur and people. His courage, hard work and determination shape the corporate spirit of Laurens Spethmann Holding to this day, “said CEO Lars Wagener. The food company Laurens Spethmann Holding AG & Co. KG is run in the fourth generation as a family company with headquarters in Seevetal near Hamburg and has an annual Sales of around 705 million euros. Brands include Messmer and Milford.

Spethmann was also socially committed, created a foundation that supports programs for child, youth and elderly care. In sport, he founded the international tournament company Luhmühlen, which organizes an eventing tournament every year. He received 2014 the Hamburg Founder Prize for his life’s work.

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