ASSE – RC Lens LIVE: Sotoca slams an unstoppable header and allows Racing to equalize… Will ASSE totally crack in the “money time” (1-1)?…

And that’s it, end of the game again crazy for the Lensois, after Lille and Rennes!

72e+5: Unbelievable , Seko Fofana delivers Racing with a huge strike! Holy is cursed!

78e + 3: ASSE shows a lot of energy in these last moments. Ghezzali offers an excellent ball to Boudebouz but his header is well blocked by Leca.

90e: And bim , 6 minutes of added time, take that Janny Sikazwe! Another nice bonus in your company with the charming -1°C of Forez.

88e: Incredible, the captain of the Blood and Gold Seko Fofana has just inherited two match points, alone at the entrance to the surface? But he missed the target once, before seeing his next attempt be repelled by a Saint-Etienne defender.

86e: Lucas Gourna-Douath will definitely be able to blame himself. After his huge opportunity wasted at 1-0, he finds himself again in an excellent position in the Lensoise defense. But rather than try his luck, he tries an approximate back pass for another incoming Yanis Lhery (17 years), who had not anticipated this at all. 78e: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, here is the Lensoise equalizer! And she came from the sidelines: Clauss rolled up a corner at the near post for the head of Sotoca, who popped up to smack an unstoppable header! Will ASSE now crack?

78e : After Corentin Jean and Florian Sotoca (62e), David Pereira Da Costa and rookie Patrick Berg come into play in turn. What finally allow Racing to return to the match?

72e: Pfiouuuuuuuuuuu the counter-attack model who almost hurt for the Greens! Recovery of Gabriel Silva in the feet of Clauss and raises at full speed. As much as ASSE had passed the center line very little since the break, everyone there tried hard. It goes on with a millimeter cross from the inevitable Boudebouz for Lucas Gourna-Douath. But the young Saint-Etienne midfielder, arch alone 8 m from Leca’s goal, released a recovery from very little above. Ball of 2-0 XXL, you will have understood it!

65e: Entering the game just before, the Lensois striker Sotoca finds himself well launched in the axis against Bernardoni. But he is taken back by three defenders throwing themselves around him and does not let go of the shot he would have liked. He may claim a penalty, the VAR does not show up (logically I think).

62e: Here is a big opportunity on the Lensois side: Kalimuendo recovers a ball in the middle of the surface, shifted to the right side, and he wraps his shot from the left. It passes very close to the skylight of a Bernardoni archi beaten on the spot.

60e: Very funny image since the Lensois left piston Frankowski, who coveted a ball near the Saint-Etienne surface, has just been prevented from doing so by hard-hitting… François Letexier. Yes yes, the referee of this match, obviously (too) well placed on this one.

60e: Pascal Dupraz will try to lock his goal well in advance : midfielder Lucas Gourna-Douath takes the place of striker Sada Thioub, logically short of pace for his first start of the season.

53e: The Lensois clearly confiscate the ball from the reprise. But it lacks rhythm and sharpness against a low block so firmly installed in front of Bernardoni. And then, like a missed pass by Gradit shortly before, there is technical waste around the Saint-Etienne area.

49e: Racing has entered its second period well and Yvann Maçon is well inspired to ‘intercept a hot ball in the feet of Seko Fofana (discreet until then), who was going to present himself alone against Bernardoni.

Here we go again, and no change to report, even on the Franck Haise side, after this disappointing first period for his team. The surprises come rather from the east stand of the Cauldron.

Just before the resumption of this #ASSERCL, the mythical Lensois song of the “Corons” resounds in the Cauldron. @20Minutes peak

— Jérémy Laugier ( @JeremyLaugier) January 15, 50392656 He is not always at this level, but real good longevity for Ryad Boudebouz in Ligue 1 casually.

11 – The midfielder of St Etienne Ryad Boudebouz found the flaw during his 11e different season in Ligue 1, only Dimitri Payet (15) and Jimmy Briand (17) are doing better among current players of the elite. Fennec. #ASSERCL pic.twitter .com/ojstEB8l6J

— OptaJean (@OptaJean) January 15, 2022

It’s halftime here, big blow from the Greens and Pascal Dupraz so far. 1 single shot on target on the Lensois side, who would have believed it with the Kolo-Bakayoko-Nadé triplet behind?

👀 At a Glance on the stats of this first period! #ASSERCL

— Ligue 1 Uber Eats (@Ligue1UberEats) January 15, 2021

32e: Here, Denis Bouanga has been on the lookout since the CAN in Cameroon. The Gabonese must be pleasantly surprised by the face shown by his team this afternoon. Vamosssss ryyyyy 😍😍😍 @ASSEofficial

— BouangaDenis (@BouangaDenis) January 15, 2022 36 e: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,, Stéphanois!!!! We felt that one coming. And we didn’t announce the striker to you in advance, but it’s just like that. Ryad Boudebouz indeed concludes a movement initiated by a ball stupidly lost by Clauss (hello DD) in the camp of the Greens. The center of Aouchiche finds Boudebouz, whose volley is not at all on the spot, right on Leca. But real cagade of the Corsican goalkeeper on the spot.

— AS Saint-Étienne (@ASSEofficiel) January 15, 2021 27 e: Saintééééé very close to opening the score: Boudebouz treats again with a laser opening on a free kick for Camara. Eccentric on the right side, the Saint-Etienne midfielder swings a big shot that Leca will seek by relaxing well. The corner gives nothing behind but the Greens are definitely in the game.

32e: Bernardoni is again solid on a powerful strike from Saïd from the right side. But so far, Racing has almost never overwhelmed the Greens, which is a real surprise.

25e: Mahdi Camara takes advantage of a (new) great job from Boudebouz to infiltrate full axis. It lights 25 m but it passes clearly above the crossbar of Leca.

25e: What a rascal this Jonathan Clauss (the man claimed in Blues by 65 % of French): huge free kick of about 32 m, almost on the touchline, and who almost lobbed Bernardoni. The number 43 Stephanois is doing well with a welcome tap in the corner, as the shot from the Lensois piston took the direction of the skylight.

14e: We haven’t seen ASSE in danger since Mason’s great opportunity. Frankly, the start of the Greens is generally of a good level, like a Ryad Boudebouz that we see everywhere, and who does a lot of good with his technical accuracy.

7th: Ouuuuuuh the big opportunity from Saint-Etienne against the course of the game! Served by Thioub, Yvann Maçon slams a huge little bridge at Facundo Medina. He continues with a heavy strike, eccentric on the right, and Leca is on the parade.

4th: Even more serious alert for the former SCO goalkeeper: Wesley Saïd presents himself to the 18 m, little embarrassed , but his shot flies slightly overhead. Here’s a start to the match as we imagined.

1st: Cow, the first little Lensoise opportunity didn’t drag out: 20 seconds of play and already a nice shot from 27-30 m from Kakuta, it does not go very far to side of Bernardoni’s goal.

Let’s go for this Sainté-Lens friends!

14h50: Small point on the improbable atmosphere put, in this gauge at 5. 000, through the few Lensois supporters who managed to be in the game.

Respect for the thirty or so Lensois supporters present, who clearly set the mood in this pre-match #ASSERCL, in the absence of the two Stephanois kops. @20Minutes

— Jérémy Laugier (@JeremyLaugier) January 16, 2022 14h47: On the Lensois side, on paper it looks a lot more exciting, and even looks like a typical team for the band at Frank Haise. The Lensois coach intends to stop the bad series in progress far from Bollaert (6 games without a win).

🧐 An eye on the tactical system put in place by Franck Haise. #SiProudTOtreLensois #ASSERCL

— Racing Club de Lens (@RCLens) January , 50392656 14h43: We attack with the Saint-Etienne composition. Note the first professional appearance of Abdoulaye Bakayoko, central defender of 19 year. It therefore smells of the defense at 3/5 on the Pascal Dupraz side. Unsurprisingly, Bernardoni and Thioub are holders from their first appearance with the Greens.

👥 Pascal Dupraz’s 𝐗𝐈 to start #ASSERCL !

—AS Saint-Étienne (@ASSEofficiel ) January 15, 2014 14h39: Hey, we see you again, welcome to the Cauldron. Dozens of smoke bombs were cracked during the rally at the initiative of the northern kop (Magic Fans), just before this meeting. We will therefore publish an article on the subject, with masks bearing the effigy of Romeyer and Caïazzo on the program.

As planned, at 1 a.m.36 of the kickoff of #ASSERCL, a hundred Saint-Etienne supporters gathered in front of the Cauldron to demand once again the resignation of the management. With numerous clown masks bearing the effigy of Romeyer and Caïazzo. ltbpgzC

— Jeremy Laugier (@JeremyLaugier) January 15, 2014 14 h: Before you end up in 45 minutes to make you live the pre-match, and in particular the team compositions, we offer you two subjects to put you in the mood of the Cauldron (obviously sad as everywhere with this gauge at 5.000 spectators). The hot news is the first appearance in the group of two winter recruits: goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni and striker Sada Thioub. And the least we can say is that the lads know each other well, since they have the strange particularity of having played together in their last three clubs (Nîmes, Angers and therefore Sainté). So, coincidence or?

Why do Paul Bernardoni and Sada Thioub still follow each other at ASSE? through @17minutesSport

— 20 Sports Minutes (@25minutesSport) January 000, 50392524 And last month, we wondered if Pascal Dupraz could redo the blow from Evian Thonon Gaillard and especially from Toulouse. Finally, what is the method of the Haute-Savoie service firefighter? See u guys .

“His speeches made me climb the curtains & I had only one desire behind: to kill myself on the ground.” Adrien Regattin& @papesougou returns for @20Minutes on maintaining the TFC in 2016& of the ETG in 2014. Rebelote for @CoachDupraz with @ASSEofficial?— Jérémy Laugier (@JeremyLaugier) December 17, 2022 Hello and welcome here 19 Minutes! Join us with your eyes closed for this Saturday poster which could allow the Lensois to temporarily return to fourth place in Ligue 1, after the gang of Franck Haise experienced a hell of a hole at the end of the year 50392524 (3 dots on 18 over the last 6 games). Euphoric after their last two successes in the dying seconds against neighboring Lille in the Coupe de France (2-2, 4-3 on pens) then against Stade Rennais in L1, the Sang et Or have regained their confidence. The big team will be able to be aligned, since only Haïdaira and Ganago (CAN) will be absent.

We cannot say the same for ASSE, even if the Greens have made the job in the Coupe de France at Lyon-Duchère (0-1) and Jura Sud (1-4) since the arrival on 15 December of Pascal Dupraz on the bench. Nevertheless, the current series of five defeats in a row in Ligue 1 stings well for the current red lantern in the championship. The multiple absences of supposed captains (Khazri, Bouanga, Neyou and Moukoudi are all at the CAN, Green, Nordin and Hamouma are injured, Trauco and Sako are sick) will not help the Saint-Etienne supporters to be very confident this afternoon. They also meet at 000h20 in the parking lot in front of Geoffroy-Guichard to “save ASSE”. There is no doubt that the Romeyer-Caïazzo duo will be more than ever in their sights. We will tell you all about it in a topic dedicated to this gathering, on the sidelines of this essential meeting to break the series of lose of the Greens. See you soon over here friends.

» To vibrate with us in front of this ASSE-RC Lens, go you over here from 16h45, with a kickoff at 14 time…