Assault on Kheira Hamraoui: Eric Abidal heard as a witness by the police

The investigators continue their investigations to understand the aggression of the player of PSG Kheira Hamraoui . The former football international Eric Abidal was thus heard Tuesday by investigators as a witness in this case, a source close to the case said on Wednesday, confirming information of the team.

His wife, Hayet Abidal, was also interviewed Monday by the judicial police of Versailles, said this source. The next day, the young woman declared on her Instagram account that she was “relieved” and “happy” to have been heard “as a simple witness” in this investigation.

A phone chip in the name of Abidal

On the evening of November 4, Kheira Hamraoui was the victim of a violent ambush in the Yvelines. She had been severely beaten to the legs with an iron bar by masked strangers on her way home from a team dinner. A judicial investigation had been opened on 11 November against X for “criminal association with a view to the preparation of an offense punishable by at least five years “And” violence aggravated by three circumstances, followed by incapacity not exceeding eight days. ”

Eric Abidal’s name appeared in the proceedings after the Investigators established a material link with the victim, who was using a chip on his cell phone in the name of the footballer. The player Kheira Hamraoui had played at FC Barcelona at a time when Eric Abidal was sporting director of the Catalan club. These revelations had caused a stir: the wife of the former French international then announced that she was going to file a divorce petition and assured her that her husband had confessed to her having had a relationship with Kheira Hamraoui.

Kheira Hamraoui’s teammate, Aminata Diallo, driving the car during the attack, had spent nearly two days in police custody, the 10 and 11, before being released without a charge against her. The affair having caused much turmoil, the two midfielders of Paris SG did not resume collective training until the beginning of December.