Army trainee arrested following alleged school bus hijacking


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Transcript for Army trainee arrested following alleged school bus hijacking

I don’t want to scariest. Calls that we can get in law enforcement at the school district is that. That’s true but has been hijacked. The kids on it someone with ago. And that’s what we had this morning. I’ll start off by saying all the kids are safe. Best drivers say. The bad guys and I apprehended so there’s any threats anymore. Investigation is navigating it an investigative stage initially it was and a recovery in arrest stage. Started early this morning around 7 o’clock from Fort Jackson. Or Fort Jackson trainee dressed in he Tico. Armed with a rifle from Fort Jackson. Ran off state. Initial call that we’ve gotten some one on 77. Flag and cars down. Trying to get in cars that initial call came to us. Shortly there after one of our deputies. Was stopped on numbers were road Bob haired woman’s children who won’t do. And Ben Hansbrough aren’t admitted at this hour of honest drew blood from their demand that on the scuba. What. We’ve been able discovered this board is after the soldier. Detroit needle at Fort Jackson. I did not yet picked up on interstate. On personal road at a bus stop harassing children are sitting on the us. This nation and parts like elementary. After all the kids got on the bus the trainee got on the bus. Let this be because with a rifle. And total bus driver he didn’t want hurting but he won him the garden to the next time. Bus driver started drive and I’m. Try any brought the kids to the front of us the kids started asking lots of questions to them. The suspect occasional hurt him they Elmore the bus driver. I suspect got a little frustrated and I’m the bus stop close to where we’re standing right now. And that’s where the kids and the bus driver got off the bus. The suspect in. Couple miles from here where he abandoned. Left the rifle and on the bus. Went through neighborhoods trying to get rise trying to get close. At personal and asset in the seventh or deputy spotted it and civilians body. At that point he was arrested without incidents is under arrest at this time. It was sort of multiple counts of kidnapping and whatever charges we can I don’t.

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{“duration”:”2:30″,”description”:”The suspect, armed with a rifle, boarded the bus full of children and told the driver to take him to the next town, authorities said.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/US”,”id”:”77535896″,”title”:”Army trainee arrested following alleged school bus hijacking”,”url”:”″}

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