Apple makes radical change to security updates with iOS 14.5

Apple recently decided to make a completely different innovation in iOS 14.5 due to security issues. Due to a security problem caused by Safari recently, all iOS devices were updated simultaneously for the first time in a long time.
Apple had to release a new iOS version for all the security updates it had released to date. The company will also get rid of this addiction with iOS 14.5. A new update was recently announced due to the vulnerability, but many iOS users did not make the update out of concern that their phones would slow down. Apple has taken a radical decision to avoid such situations, separating iOS updates and security updates.

This will allow Apple to release security updates at critical moments, encouraging users to download the update and allowing users to only update iOS. an Apple user who does not want to download iOS 15 and wants to use iOS 14.5 will be able to continue receiving security updates. Apple will separate iOS version and security dependency both for itself and for userswhatisfind24


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