Apple: Education discounts no longer require ID verification in the United States

©hanohiki/200RF. COM There Little by little, Apple required buyers who wanted to benefit from the student, teacher and university discounts to carry out an identity verification from

Unidays. The company was giving a 10% discount on certain Apple products. The decision was made as the company had no way of recognizing whether the customers making the purchases were indeed meeting the standard.

A few days later, the restriction was lifted. Everyone could once again get Macs, iPads and other Apple products at discounted prices from the education site. It looks like a few people had issues with authentication and status verification on Unidays.


Why does Apple decide to remove verification via Unidays?

You should already know that authentication from Unidays has been around for a long time in the UK. Verification allows Apple to grant discounts only to eligible customers. The absence of this process in the United States benefits many people since they do not need to identify themselves to have access to the discount. The company wanted to introduce the concept of verification, but it seems that it has given up.

The introduction of identity verification from Unidays lasted only a few days in America. It seems that a few recipients have had difficulty verifying their status on the site. They could not access the discount while shopping and complained to managers.

Will Apple reinstate identity verification after fixing this issue?

Apple has already used Unidays in several countries. He assures that the discounts will only be offered to the persons concerned. Without this process, the company is sailing a little blind and allows any malicious person to benefit from the promotion.

Even though discounts are restricted to one desktop, one Mac mini, two iPads and one laptop per year, in the long run this could be a big loss. The company has not yet given a concrete answer on its intention to require the checks again after it resolves the problems encountered by customers.