Antonetti after OL-Metz: “It was in Lyon that I was robbed the most”

Unhappy that a goal was refused to FC Metz against OL (1-1), Wednesday in Ligue 1, Frédéric Antonetti deplored a “rigged or even distorted game “. In question, according to him: “the terrible pressure” which weighs on the referees in Lyon.

Disillusioned, Frédéric Antonetti spoke without filter at the end of draw 1-1 of FC Metz on the lawn of Olympique Lyonnais . Convinced that a goal refused for offside at Opa Nguette from the 3rd minute of play was indeed “valid”, in this match counting Wednesday evening for the 19 th day of Ligue 1, the Metz coach said all the harm he thinks about this “unbearable football circus”.

“When you see the pictures, it’s catastrophic. The fourth referee tells me that we have the tools today to judge. I say okay, but the problem is that it is the men who judge. I have confidence in the tools, I have less confidence in the men. I’ve been in football for 30 years, and I’ve been playing a rigged or even distorted game for 30 . It’s my feeling, you will not make me change my mind “, first declared Frédéric Antonetti, at a press conference.

” When you come to Lyon, You have to know that there is terrible pressure on everyone. This is the place where I have been robbed the most in 30 years “, he said. he then chained.

“If it had been on the other side …”

“I have the balls, because it is ten facts of the game that are contrary to us, he continued. I’m thinking of Lens, Bordeaux, Paris … We meet 18 e, when we shouldn’t be there. The proof, our production. It is not the first time. We are missing points, by our fault at times, but also by the football system “.

Despite his reflection on the Lyon atmosphere, Frédéric Antonetti considers all the same that the OL should be above th place: “The Lyon team do not have the points they deserve. It doesn’t bother me to say it, because I’m watching the French championship. Today, it is poorly classified in relation to its ambitions. But compared to the production that is done, the team deserves to have a lot more points. Tonight, we upset her a lot “.

The coach of the Garnets nevertheless concluded his remarks by going back on the referee’s decision at the start of the match:” We could have lost, but maybe also win. The draw is fair. We know that this Lyon team is superior to us, we are lucid. But there is a disallowed goal that was valid. If it had been on the other side, we wouldn’t have heard of it for a week … I say it calmly, I’m in a distorted system. It is not fair. Nothing is fair in football. It’s a shame, because it’s a great sport “.