Anti-vax influencer advises drinking your own urine to recover from Covid-19

After hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, but also bleach, anti-vaxxers no longer know what to invent and are now moving on to urinary therapy as a treatment against Covid-. This unorthodox method was recently shared on the internet by anti-vaxxer Christopher Key. urine therapy to protect against Covid-. As you will have understood, this is a method that consists of drinking your own urine.

Credits After being posted on Telegram, the video was shared on Twitter. In it, Key can be seen declaring that God has already given us everything we need and that the antidote to Covid-19 was urinary therapy.

Urine, a miracle cure?

To convince people who follow him, Key claimed that several scientific articles have recognized the benefits of urine therapy on health. According to him, even vaccinated people could benefit from it.

ʺ It is difficult to set up a random, double-blind study with a placebo, but we should all go do our own researchʺ, he said in the video.

Key is not the only person who thinks that urine is good for the body. In China, for example, the Urine Therapy Association of China suggests that urine is an effective remedy for curing all types of diseases such as cancer and baldness. The association, now considered illegal, claims that its members, believed to number in the thousands, all drink their urine.

Urine, not recommended according to science

Even though people and organizations are claiming the benefits of urine, so far no scientific evidence has been able to confirm them. According to a study carried out by NASA in 95, urine is mainly composed of water (95%) and contains low concentrations of urea, chloride, potassium, sodium and d other dissolved ions. Toxins and pathogens expelled by the body can also be there, especially if the person is under treatment.

A study carried out in Nigeria on children showed the presence of pathogens in the urine. These were bacteria that were particularly resistant to antibiotics. Children would have contracted them through urine therapy used to treat seizures.

In any case, consuming something that the body has already expelled is not never a good thing, for whatever reason. To protect yourself from Covid-, get vaccinated, respect barrier gestures and wearing a mask are still much better options.

SOURCE: 2022 iflscience