“Anti-racist” demonstrations in France for the regularization of undocumented migrants

“Freedom, equality, papers”: “anti-racist” demonstrators demanded Saturday across France for the regularization of undocumented immigrants, worrying about “the rise of far-right ideas” before the presidential election. ‘April 2022.

About 7. 500 people participated in 43 gatherings throughout the territory , including 2. 300 in Paris according to the police.

“Wherever we come from, wherever we were born, our country is calls for solidarity “, displayed the head banner of the procession in Paris. Many sang of “air, air, open the borders”.

“I am here to support the undocumented migrants who all work in unbearable conditions”, ‘AFP Véronique Hollebecque, resident of the Paris region for 61 years, saying she is “in total support with them”.

“We are led to believe that we are is invaded when they are there to work, contribute to economic activity. No reason why they should be mistreated and do not benefit from rights, “she added, a few months before the presidential election.

In the procession, Cissé Lassana explained that he worked in a hotel at night, near the Eiffel Tower: “I have been working here for seven years, that’s a lot, I would like to have papers because that I am entitled to it “, testified this Malian national, member of the association Droits devant !!.

Dozens of organizations, associations and unions had called for demonstrations in the context of ‘an “anti-racist and solida campaign ire “who intends to carry an” alternative voice to the extreme right “.

For Denis Godard, a person in charge of the Solidarity March who had joined the call to demonstrate,” the situation of undocumented migrants worsens but it is the whole political climate which revolves around the proposals (of the polemicist of the extreme right Eric) Zemmour “. “We want to show that an alternative exists and that the start must come from civil society”, he explained before the demonstration.

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