Anti-pass demonstration in Paris: “We are no longer equal between citizens in this country”

In Paris, the main mobilization against the health pass was on Saturday noon at the call of a group of yellow vests. Demonstrators who mainly emphasize their opposition to the vaccine obligation, and not to the vaccine.

“Macron, your pass, we do not want it”, shouts the Parisian procession of sanitary anti-pass which left Saturday noon from the Pont de Neuilly station (Hauts -de-Seine). A rally that started in the pouring rain, before getting underway towards the center of Paris. Four mobilizations in all took place in the capital, three (including this one) at the initiative of collectives of yellow vests, and another led by Florian Philippot, the president of the movement Les Patriotes, bringing together in all 17 000 people. To the demonstrators present in the Parisian procession, Liberation asked the same question: “For what reasons are you come here today? ” Here are their answers.

Manuel, 25 years old, coordinator of solidarity projects in Bordeaux: “I am against the establishment of a surveillance company” “I came to demonstrate for the first time, and against the health pass only. I am not necessarily against vaccination in general, nor against vaccination against Covid. I am against the establishment of a surveillance society. For me, the health pass has no health impact. It only has a social impact. We have seen clusters in places that required the sanitary pass. It seems to me that we also have a representativeness crisis. I do not see the citizen taking part in decision-making. ”

Pierre, 59 years old, graphic designer in Paris: “We are taking the path of a dictatorial regime” “What made me come here is the violation of freedoms. The nine Sages of the Constitutional Council sat on the Constitution on Thursday. I am here to preserve the freedom of everyone to choose. I have a child firefighter from Paris who will have to do the vaccine. A girl who studies, we will force her to do so. They would rather wait, but they face a disguised obligation which is outrageous. I participated at the time in the demonstrations of the yellow vests. There, it is a continuity. We are taking the path of a dictatorial regime. We are not yet in North Korea, but it is a soft dictatorship, a democracy. We force people, we try to scare them. And the police, the gendarmerie, which does not have a health pass obligation? Why ? Because the virus is not dangerous for them or because Macron wants to keep his personal guard? ”

Didier, 70 years old, retired in Paris: “My presence is part of a fairly deep protest against the destruction of the Nation” “Why I came ? Simply for the defense of fundamental freedoms. Article 2 of the Constitution makes us free and equal citizens in law. And so by taking away our rights, we are no longer equal. The Constitutional Council made a bad decision, a political decision that will backfire on the government one day or another. We are no longer equal among citizens in this country. It’s not against the vaccine. If there are people who want to be vaccinated, let them do it. Personally, I am against it. But that’s not what I’m protesting against, it’s against the fact that we are being forced in disguise to do so. Which is quite dangerous, because we have no hindsight on these vaccines. I demonstrate against everything that macronia represents. My presence is part of a fairly deep protest for twenty or thirty years, against the destruction of the nation, therefore a protest against the European Union and globalization. ”

Nour, 37 years, health professional in Paris: “I am against the vaccine obligation, not against the vaccine” “This is my second event only, after that of last Saturday. I am against the vaccine obligation, not against the vaccine. I find that it is liberticidal, that the government is trying to control us and that it is not normal. It is our duty as citizens and that of our generation to fight against this. I do a lot of research on what’s going on and I find that the government is not transparent. ”

Odile, 65 years old, family assistant in Metz: “Little by little, our freedoms are being taken away” “I have always thought that our country was a free country where you could do whatever you wanted with your body. And it happens that, little by little, our freedoms are being taken away from us. Now they ask us for a pass like during the war, to go to the restaurant, to the hospital. We can be controlled by gendarmes or police officers who do not have to be vaccinated. It’s two weights, two measures. In the National Assembly, it’s the same: a deputy asks to apply the health pass in the hemicycle to do like the citizens, and they voted against. So, where is freedom? ”

Côme, 17 years , student in preparatory class at Lycée Henri-IV in Paris: “The health pass is a public health policy that does not make sense” “Me, I came because the health pass is a meaningless public health policy. It is a logic of blackmail that revolts me. For me, this is a way for the government to forget about its failure in the vaccine targeting strategy during the winter. So now we’re trying to make a giant shield with a massive vaccination. However, those who will rush to the vaccination centers are the youngest. and one can wonder about the benefit-risk of the vaccine for them. I am also coming to take back citizen control. Because all that is decided without any control, with an Assembly which only functions as a recording chamber. ”

Corinne, 58 years old, teacher in the Parisian suburbs: “I just want us to have the choice” “I came here because I am anti-pass. Against forced vaccination, and particularly for young people. I have nothing against vaccination. The protesters here are not anti-vax. But some refuse this vaccine. I would like us to do this nuance. Me, I made my reminders, I vaccinate myself against the flu. I just want us to have a choice. And that we do not force our young people from 12 years. That is really intolerable, the straw that broke the camel’s back. The one which will make that I will be of all the demonstrations. ”

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