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Transcript for Answering your questions about kids and COVID-19 vaccines

With the FDA expected to approve of either vaccine for twelve to fifteen year old in the coming days and those just minutes to by the fall we asked you. For your questions on social media chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer Ashton. Is here to answer them ready go Jennifer let go I loved used all right the first question I know that you do Maria on FaceBook. Are the vaccines expected perhaps side effects on kids so this isn’t. A common an important question that a lot of parents and grandparents are asking and they short answer is yes there can always be side effects and remember. When you talk about vaccines a lot of times he’s temporary non serious side effects. Are just Aaron Yoon system doing its job. In the clinical trials in the pediatric age range of Pfizer vaccine showed no serious safety concerns so that is really really important so short term side effects like maybe a little fever body aches headaches possible but serious. Not seen yet luckily I. All right next up is Jamie on Twitter who asked if my children are helping. And all the adults and our house have been vaccinated at why do your kids need to get the vaccine. Really important to remember that kids do not spend 100%. Of their time indoors so there really two big reasons. That kids need to get the vaccine. One of them is that it is possible that they could be infected. And then unknowingly passed coded nineteen to someone with a serious or underlying pre existing medical condition. And also though it’s very uncommon in unlikely. It is still possible that children infected with coded nineteen. Could become seriously ill or worse we have seen that so it’s important to think. Really in ripple effects outside the box it’s not just your home environment that you need to worry about got to keep that in mind news or some really good questions including this one Mali on FaceBook. She says are researchers testing to see the impact these vaccines will have on teens. Going through puberty. What about long term effects yet and where are seeing this myth propagated on social media about these vaccines affecting other women’s menstrual cycles I wanna put that arrest here. For sure there’s a big difference Robin between observation and association and causation cause and effect. This defies science and biology there is no interaction between these vaccines. And reproductive hormone all affects like puberty or menstruation. Or fertility. Is really important to understand basic biology here women can’t have changes in their menstrual cycle. And also have gotten a vaccine that does not mean one caused the other so right now.

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