Android 12 is also coming to low cost devices

Since 2017, Google has offered a version of its ecosystem optimized for entry-level smartphones that do not have a lot of resources. In addition to a version of Android called Android Go, Google also offers lighter versions of its apps and services, to name only Google Maps Go, Assistant Go or Gmail Go.

Fine Of course, users of this lean ecosystem do not benefit from all the features. However, they use an operating system and applications that take up less space and use less CPU resources on their entry-level smartphones.

With Android Go, Google is targeting in particular emerging markets like India, where entry-level devices are popular. And while the firm has already launched the classic version of Android 12, this week it is also presenting Android 12 Go, the light version of this version.

Of course, Google’s priorities, with Android 12 Go, are different. “With the recent version of Android (Go edition), we rely on what is important to you: create a faster, smarter and more privacy-friendly experience than ever. We are also making these phones more accessible by improving functionality for multilingual users and introducing new features that take data costs into account ”, explains Charmaine D’Silva, Group Product Manager.

A more efficient and more privacy-friendly OS for low cost models

Regarding performance, Google explains that on Android 12 Go, the applications launch 30% faster, with smoother animations. The firm also mentions efforts regarding autonomy and storage space: the operating system hibernates applications that have not been used for a long time.

Among the new features, there are also new shortcuts that allow you to translate a page, start voice reading of the content, or take a screenshot, on the recent applications screen. And to help users spend less data, mobile, Android 12 Go will allow applications to be shared between smartphones instead of installing from the Play Store .

Finally, Google simplifies the sharing of smartphones. “Share your device with your friends or family without worrying about privacy.” We make the guest user experience easier on Android (Go edition) by making profiles available right on the lock screen. You can easily switch to a guest profile before sharing your device and reset it when you’re done ”, announces Charmaine D’Silva.

Finally, Google is bringing new privacy controls to Android Go, especially when it comes to sharing data with apps. In addition, a new indicator (as on the classic version of Android 12) will allow the user to know if an app is accessing its microphone and to his camera.

Google is also preparing the launch of Android L

It is clear that compared to the version of Android 12 that will be deployed on mid-range and high-end , Android 12 Go is not very impressive. However, these improvements will still be significant for the targeted users. According to Google, new Android devices Go will arrive in 2022.

And while continuing to improve Android Go, Google is also developing a project called Android 12 L. It is a sort of iPadOS equivalent that will optimize the Android experience for devices with XXL screens, tablets, as well as folding smartphones.