Andrew Cuomo: Well-known Trump opponent: New York’s governor allegedly molested several women

New York Governor Andrew Coumo allegedly molested several women. On Tuesday, Attorney General Letitia James released a long-awaited report that paints a chilling picture of Cuomo.

The investigation by the public prosecutor’s office showed that Cuomo allegedly molested at least seven women. The allegations relate to Cuomo’s work environment, the women affected are all alleged to be former or active government employees.

Prosecutor James said Tuesday that Cuomo had repeatedly made “unwanted and inconsistent touch” and made remarks of a “lewd” sexual nature. She stated that the behavior created a “hostile work environment for women”. He is also said to have repeatedly kissed employees against their will.

“Deeply unsettling yet clear picture” For the long-awaited report, the public prosecutor spoke to 179 people and 74. 000 evidence evaluated, so James. This evidence would paint a “deeply disturbing yet clear picture”.

Through his actions, Cuomo violated US federal law and the laws of the state New York , stated James. But she also said that it is now up to the governor himself to “draw the conclusions” from the investigation. Several influential party colleagues had already asked the Democrats to step down. US President Joe Biden also suggested that his party colleague Cuomo resign if the allegations were confirmed.

Eight women had made harassment allegations against Cuomo since late February. James then appointed two independent lawyers in March to investigate the allegations. Cuomo, who has been New York State Governor for ten years, denies the allegations.