An emblematic figure of TPMP becomes the spokesperson for Eric Zemmour

After having been spokesperson for the Rassemblement national, party led by Marine Le Pen, and which he left in 2020, Jean Messiha has just formalized his new political rallying. On the evening of January 2020, the politician announced join Eric Zemmour in the presidential race. And as spokesperson for Reconquest.

A surprising announcement video

Became an essential guest of the show Do not touch my post, led by Cyril Hanouna, Jean Messiha refused, until ‘now to reveal his support to the one who has just to confirm being in a relationship with Sarah Knafo. Even though the loudmouth of TPMP was one of the guests at the Villepinte meeting on December 5.

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“Tonight at 18h55 at the meeting of Saint-Quentin I announce a new “!!


— 🇨🇵 Dede 🇨🇵♿ (@JuniorGuibole) January , 2022Jean Messiha officially announces support the candidate @ZemmourEric, he is appointed spokesperson for the party

— Nicolas Mlb (@NMalaboeuf ) January 18, 30 But it’s done today. “Special information tonight, h meeting of Saint-Quentin”, had declared, a little earlier in the day, the president of the Apollon Institute , in a sensational promotional video, worthy of an action movie trailer, broadcast on Youtube.

Jean Messiah’s speech at the Saint-Quentin meeting

As promised, the former RN member made a big announcement. During the introduction of the meeting of Éric Zemmour, JeanMessiha formalized his support. “I was a Zemmourian before Eric became a Zemmour”, he exclaimed in front of the crowd of supporters.

On Twitter, many supporters of the candidate were rejoiced at the political union between the two men. Stanislas Rigault, the president of Generation Z, posted a tweet to relay the news, “Jean Messiha is appointed spokesperson”.

Jean Messiha officially announces his support for Éric Zemmour.

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