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An artificial intelligence has been named CEO of a Chinese company

According to 01Net’s An artificial intelligence has been named CEO of a Chinese company
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A Chinese company has just appointed an artificial intelligence as CEO. Thanks to this virtual robot, the firm seeks to improve the management of its operations.

Net Dragon Websoft, a Chinese company specializing in multiplayer online games, has just made an astonishing decision. The firm has appointed an artificial intelligence, called Tang Yu, leading the operations of its subsidiary Fujian NetDragon Websoft Co., Ltd. It is one of the most important branches of the group.

In a press release published at the end of August, the Chinese company presents Tang Yu as a “virtual humanoid robot”. The company specifies that it is a female robot. The ruler has no physical existence. Tang Yu does not walk the halls of Net Dragon Websoft. She is only virtually accessible through a screen. Nothing to do with Xiaomi’s CyberOne or Tesla’s Optimus robot.

Why entrust a company to an artificial intelligence?

By entrusting the reins to an artificial intelligence, the company seeks to transform business management and take operational efficiency to a new level”. Net Dragon Websoft points out that Tang Yu is more efficient, faster and more rational than a flesh-and-blood cadre. Indeed, she does not need to sleep, eat or interact with her peers. The icing on the cake, she does not claim any remuneration either.

“We believe AI is the future of business management”says Dr. Dejian LiuPresident of NetDragon

Above all, artificial intelligence will be able to quickly make logic-based decisions. To help her, she embarks a real-time data center and analytics tool ». These assets will also help him to better assess the risks of his decisions. In addition, the virtual robot will be responsible for setting up a workplace fair and efficient » for all employees.

“Going forward, we will continue to develop our algorithms behind Tang Yu to build an open, interactive and highly transparent business model”explains the manager.

Simone Lung, vice-president of Net Dragon Websoft, specifies that artificial intelligence is already part of daily business. Indeed, the company is already using this technology as part of many internships to develop our activities ».

This is not the first time that a company has entrusted management to artificial intelligence. For example, Briefcam, an Israeli subsidiary of the Canon group, produces algorithmic video surveillance software able to manage teams using facial recognition. The OECD, the organization for economic cooperation and development, also believes that managerial functions are those that are most often delegated to artificial intelligence.

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One step closer to the metaverse

The company believes that the appointment of Tang Yu is an important step towards establishing a metaverse organization ». The firm explains that it wants to base itself on the metaverse (or metaverse in English) to develop a work community ».

The statement does not give details on the operation of a work organization in the metaverse. We imagine that Net Dragon Websoft will especially encourage exchanges in virtual and augmented realityboth between employees and artificial intelligences, completely integrated into the company.

The metaverse is developing at high speed in China. Chinese tech giants filed a plethora of patents related to augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence in recent years. For example, Tencent filed 4,085 mixed reality patent applications between 2020 and 2021. Strong corporate interest quickly caught the attention of Chinese authorities. Last March, the National People’s Congress, a legislative body of the Communist Party, discussed the creation of a national institute of the metaverse intended to enact the rules of this future digital world.

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