An Aldi employee commits suicide at his workplace, his family files a complaint

This 47 year-old executive had been placed on sick leave one month before ending his life.

An executive from the Aldi store located in Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) ended his life at his workplace on December 8, reports La Marseillaise . This 47 year-old father of three was found hanged in the reserve.

His family decided to file a complaint against the teaches, believing that this drama is directly linked to his profession: “He spoke to me about a form of pressure, that everything had to be done and be on all fronts,” said his partner in particular. The man had been placed on sick leave a month before ending his life.

Contacted by La Marseillaise , Aldi indicates that the investigations by the police and the labor inspectorate are still ongoing.