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AMD lowers the price of its graphics cards to counter Nvidia

According to 01Net’s AMD lowers the price of its graphics cards to counter Nvidia
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The launch of Nvidia’s next generation of high-end RTX4000 graphics cards last Tuesday is pushing AMD to lower its prices on current cards. Faced with the very high price of its competitor, AMD is playing the card with a better quality/price/watt ratio than the current RTX 3000 generation.

AMD wants to accelerate the sales of these graphics chips: while the cryptocurrency market promises a big dip with the reform of Ethereum, AMD has every interest in refocusing on gamers. And to seduce them, AMD is releasing its favorite weapon: lowering prices.

If the announcement of the price drop comes three days after the announcement of the RTX generation 4000 by Nvidia (RTX4090 and RTX4080), AMD does not intend to compete with these cards here. That role will fall to the RDNA 3 chip generation that AMD is expected to announce in the coming weeks. However, the company is taking advantage of the rather cold reactions from the press to the prices of new RTX to rebound on the price of its current cards. By comparing them to the RTX 3000 not only in terms of price, but also performance or the perf/watt ratio.

This last deal is increasingly important in the world of GPUs where energy bills – and the size of the cards – have become real issues. Even if, on this side, Nvidia’s announcements remained in the “nails” of the previous generation. Both the RTX4090 and 4080 have proven to consume as much as their ancestors for very significant performance gains. And this, contrary to many rumors that claimed that Nvidia was going to break the 600W bar (you understand why we avoid bouncing on rumors as much as possible!).

As evidenced by the recall chart released by AMD for the North American market, AMD is lowering the prices of all of its RX6000 series GPUs. But for us in the fragmentation of our Union participates in addition to higher tariffs. Then there is the question of availability: if many cards are again on the shelf (checked today on, we do not know the extent of stocks. No more than the way in which the resellers will pass on this reduction in our European zone.

Finally, there is the question of a price drop – certainly welcome – on all models. While gamers on a budget may rightly be interested, those ready to break the bank might be tempted to wait for RDNA 3 instead. . But which could above all be the first generation where AMD would catch up on ray-tracing.

Before going to checkout for your next GPU, we therefore recommend that you at least wait for the announcements of RDNA 3. Once the scene has been set, AMD and Nvidia will move their last price points of the year. And then you can make a more informed choice.

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