Amazon Appstore: Update Should Fix Android 12 Compatibility Issues

Several users complain in the forums and surveys carried out to encounter a major problem since the arrival of Android . Indeed, Amazon Appstore would not work correctly on the new operating system.

The worst part is that because of the DRM licenses, the applications downloaded from the Appstore no longer work at the continuation of the operating system update. While this issue is probably only affecting a tiny fraction of users at the moment, the situation can quickly spread to other users as companies like Samsung will soon be using Android 12 on their devices.

© dennizn / 123 RF.COM As of yet, this issue has not affected Amazon Fire tablets or Fire TV devices. It mostly affected users who have devices like the Google Pixel 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S 18 that could run any software previously downloaded from the Appstore.

Amazon offers a fix

The internal Amazon team investigated the issue and recently released an update for their Appstore. This update would in principle resolve the concerns facing Android users since more than a month.

The spokesperson for the company explained that they have released a fix for the issue affecting the launch of apps for Amazon Appstore customers who have switched to Android 12 on their mobile devices. As a result, users of this app store would only have to apply the patch to resolve the issue. At least in theory.

The update can be downloaded from the Amazon website. After completing the installation of the update, it is necessary to connect to the Amazon Appstore. Subsequently, you must update all the applications you have downloaded by going to Amazon Appstore and then going to “My applications” and pressing “Updates”.

Users are still having issues despite updating

The hotfix fixed the issue for some users but according to some forums, this is not the case for everyone. Indeed, several users still complain of encountering the same problem despite the update.

At the same time, other users are very unhappy because all their applications still do not appear in the store. Some users report that they face compatibility errors when trying to open even one application.