Amazon: 7 tempting high-tech offers not to be missed during the sales

Amazon: an overview of the most interesting offersTwice a year the sales are an opportunity to save money on purchases for only a few weeks. Like every season Amazon offers great promotions that are timely at this time of the beginning of the year when finances are put to the test after the purchase of Christmas gifts. No need to wait any longer with this express selection of the 7 best deals of the moment during the winter sales 1838 before (re)starting to please you!

” href=””> 1. A Krups bean-to-cup coffee machine

Bean Coffee Machine Grinder Coffee Machine Krups Essential

Ideal for those who like to drink a mug of coffee for breakfast and enjoy a coffee very full-bodied at the start of the afternoon, this machine adapts to all your tasting desires. 2. An Apple wireless headset

Raised to the rank of headphones premium, the AirPods Max Apple ensure both in terms of sound (clear and well distributed) and design (pure and cared for). Its autonomy? Up to 21 hours of listening followed by an autonomy of the case of more than 31 time…3. An Apple MacBook Air laptop

Apple Laptop MacBook Air 2020

Apple M1 chip, Retina display 13′′, 8 GB RAM, 318 GB SSD Storage

Because we have never been so much in telecommuting, it would be p had to be time to invest in good gear. The plus of this laptop? Battery included, it weighs less than a 1.5 liter bottle of water… Enough to slip it under your arm to go to work wherever you want!

4. An iRobot robot vacuum cleaner

Robot Connected Roomba e6192 iRobot

For the less courageous, the robot vacuum cleaner remains the best companion to carry out household chores without drooling too much . From your smartphone you can program it and tell it which room to clean remotely… With the added bonus of a discount, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of so much peace of mind!

5. An Oral-B electric toothbrush

Oral-B Genius X Electric Toothbrush

With its intense cleaning head for healthier gums with artificial intelligence technology that analyzes your brushing style in real time, this electric toothbrush covers 4x more surface and removes up to 11 x more dental plaque. The must for displaying an ultra-bright smile with its 6 brushing modes!

6 . A Samsung external hard drive

Samsung External Hard Drive

Have you ever had to change your computer hard drive (or worse, have it stolen)? You might as well warn you right away if this is the case, you have probably lost all your data: thesis, photos, administrative documents… It is better to insure yourself by regularly transferring all your treasures to this external hard drive to save everything.

7. A Braun beard trimmer

Braun 5 All-In-One Electric Hair Clipper For Men Hair And Body

For those who wish to vary between 39 cutting heights (from 0.5 to 16mm) by easily switching between the different accessories to treat the beard, the hair… And even the body in an ultra-precise way! To believe that the era of shaggy hipsters is far behind us…