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All videos posted on Instagram are now Reels

According to 01Net’s All videos posted on Instagram are now Reels
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Meta has just found the best way to boost the audience of its short videos. The platform now turns all the videos you post into Reels.

Meta wants to Compete with TikTok at all costs, whatever the price. In an attempt to dethrone the Chinese giant from its leading position in the field of short videos, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has just taken a new step. The platform is testing the possibility of turning all the videos you post on Instagram into Reels videos.

Meta, which has got into the habit of shamelessly copying the features that have made TikTok so successful, obviously does not know what to imagine to compete with the Chinese social network. By turning all videos into Reels, Meta offers users with a public account the opportunity to use new editing tools for their videos. They can also use filters, but also have access to a large music library to integrate sound design into video publications.

But the transition from classic videos to Reels could have another impact. If all the videos eventually become Reels, their audience is likely to be much larger than at present. Videos in this format will indeed be much more easily accessible in the Reels thread and will therefore reach a much wider target. They can also be shared more easily, in particular thanks to the “remix” function which allows you to reuse a video to make a duet.

If this new potential audience may delight some, it may take other users out of their peace. If Instagram does not eventually offer an option to remain in control of the audience for publications, the number of users switching their accounts to private is likely to explode.

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