An experiencer remembers weird nightmares related to a misplaced time occasion that happened through the summer time of 1977 and concerned the people at a California day camp.

The following account was posted on the MUFON CMS:

During the summer time of 1977 on someday between 10am and 2pm the next occurred at a day camp – Pena Adobe historic website, abutting Interstate 80, north of Fairfield, California and simply earlier than Vacaville on Pena Adobe Road on the east facet of the freeway.

These accounts have been delved from my reminiscence and unconscious, years following the occasions.

My seek for understanding began after I started to self-analyze why I had recurring nightmares, for years after that summer time. I’d dream a big, bleach white, cow’s thigh bone chasing me. A weird, and considerably ridiculous factor to be fearful of. Even after the goals stopped I had a persistent concern of the picture in my thoughts. I used to be by no means fearful of an precise cow’s thighbone although. I found that the big white thigh bone was truly an alien, humanoid in form, white, and someplace about my dimension.

Throughout the weeks I used to be at camp I had a variety of cases of lacking time, coupled with concern.

The most detailed expertise is of the advisors taking a big group of us children on a stroll; then waking up on the bottom (with a spot in my reminiscence of how I’d gotten there). Everyone on the hike awoke on the bottom in a clearing. I’ve a picture of quite a few aliens, some taller and brilliantly white, and different shorter ones, ultimately interacting with folks. I recall somebody noticing one thing bizarre with their watch. I’m undecided what. There gave the impression to be a transition between the time when individuals who have been awake and have been alright with the aliens’ presence and when folks began to return to ‘regular’ consciousness and be bothered by what had occurred and was occurring. Eventually all of us continued with our regular camp actions, however a variety of children have been despatched house early on account of a sudden sickness that was going round. I do know many individuals have been out of kinds and upset the remainder of that day.

I even have pictures / ideas of being amongst the bushes and a small alien being there – and I’ve a horrible concern of being taken.

Another time I keep in mind a picture of a big glowing factor hovering over a part of the camp. It is luminous, probably ovoid, primarily glowing white with a number of different colours blended in. I keep in mind feeling one thing from it, as if it made a sound, nevertheless it did not. – MUFON

NOTE: I’m all for any additional info involving this incident. Lon

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