Akhenaton positive for Covid-19 and hospitalized: Who is the wife of the leader of the IAM group?

Behind every man, hides a woman! An adage that applies to Philippe Fragione better known under the name of Akhenaton! The Marseille rapper, currently hospitalized because of the covid – , se made known in the years 25 by founding with friends the IAM group. He and his friends will mark the history of French hip-hop with albums such as Ombre est lumière or L ‘School of the silver microphone and titles like the iconic I dance the mia, Little brother, Born under the same star …

While everything is rolling in his professional life, AKH meets Aïcha who will become his wife, the mother of his children (Yanis, born in 1995, Inaya, born in 1998 and Reyan, born in 2000, editor’s note) and also the manager of its production structures. Moreover in 2014, in an interview with Paris Match , he had confided in his role “She has been working with me for 19 years. Aicha was studying accounting, and had to work in high-end aesthetics. She found herself an editor, a little pushed by me, when I had to set up my publishing company for my first solo album. got caught up in the game, she loved working in music. She produced a lot of records, the soundtrack of ‘Comme un magnet’, that of ‘Taxi 2’, my solo albums, ‘Martian Arts’ … C he is a very measured, fair, altruistic person. She never puts forward what she does. She is not venal. I have total confidence “.

And today, as for more than 20, she is his greatest support in this difficult event …

Against the sanitary pass

In a video eo posted last July, on the account Twitter , Akhenaton had indicated to be “against the health pass and against compulsory vaccination “. “It is about our freedoms and especially the future of our children” , he declared. “We would like people who have so much self-confidence and little confidence in the medical profession to finally speak up, that journalists who have been going one way for a year and a half now and who have other views also express it (…) Unfortunately, these laws are extremely dangerous for everyone’s future. it is together that we will find solutions. Long live life, long live love, long live humanity “.

Besides, several of their concerts have been canceled. The reason ? One of the members of the Marseille group has been in contact with or tested positive for covid – . The last report to date?

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