Air taxis set to take flight

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Transcript for Air taxis set to take flight

This morning as Americans return to comedian after the pandemic and summer traffic clogs the nation’s roadways. The air taxi market is preparing to take fly eight. Joseph BED Sheehan a California based start up behind these all electric ear taxi. Now says its aircraft will be ready for use in Los Angeles by 20/20 four. We’ve been able to build vertical takeoff and landing aircraft which is safer which is more than a hundred times quieter. And witches. Many times — Costa operate. And that is a game changed. The company says its ear taxi can travel a hundred in fifty miles on a single charge transporting passengers above all those traffic jams below. While reaching up to 200 miles per hour. Eight quality of noise which blends into the background. How something that’s more like wind in the trees then the low frequency whop whop of a helicopter. Were the high frequency whine of of a drone. Joseph B is backed by Toyota and his partner read with Hoover. It’s already completed more than 1000 test flights. Now as a stamp of approval from the US air force the plan is for passengers be picked up that so called sky ports. On top of parking garage is. To be claims the costs for a ride will eventually be similar to a taxi. Big companies and Google alerts I half year’s drop to me it compare to or less than operating car. And hear me now are talking.

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{“duration”:”1:29″,”description”:”A California start-up says the flying electric vehicles will begin carrying passengers in 2024. ABC News’ Megan Tevrizian has the details.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/WNN”,”id”:”78416415″,”title”:”Air taxis set to take flight”,”url”:”″}

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