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Aidaxis: interactive assistance!

Created in 2016, Aidaxis markets an application GPS which aims to support software users directly in the interface of their applications. A solution that adapts to both web and desktop applications. Explanations with Nicolas Bravin, creator and CEO of Aidaxis.

How do you facilitate the adoption of digital applications?

The digital transformation of companies is punctuated by their capacity to absorb new practices. The challenge is therefore to get the user to perform tasks that he cannot do on his own. We guide them through every step of the process directly in the software interface. In terms of adoption, we put users in a position of success. It’s rewarding and inclusive at the same time, our solution has been designed to address all users regardless of their level.

How is Aidaxis a innovative solution?

Our credo is to make life as easy as possible for users, which is why we have designed our solution so that they can do without technical aspects. Our assistance can be delivered quickly in any language and includes notions of disability. Simplicity requires strong R&D investments. Aidaxis has many advantages: the first is the acceleration of the ramp-up phase during the deployment of new software. Users have an assistant that they only need to ask for support if they wish. Similarly, in the case of onboarding, Aidaxis saves

time for the entire organization and puts the new employee in a proactive approach, which facilitates their integration. Another advantage is a direct gain in terms of financial costs by reducing user support costs.

Vox customers range from large groups to SMEs for which you have just released a package offer?

It is an offer that can be deployed very quickly with a double level, the first for usual applications (aid packs) and an unlimited premium service around the use of these applications. If a feature is not known to the system, with one click, users can submit a request to the Aidaxis services. Being in direct interaction to provide an answer to a problem in using the application is an innovative approach.

And for the future? We are working on several axes. The first on the development of

solution through artificial intelligence, voice control and inclusion.

From a commercial point of view and in addition to Europe, we are focusing our development on the Asian and African markets. Many companies have international markets, addressing them means being able to support them across all of their perimeters. Today we are also one of the only market players able to deliver a solution in China

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