Against viruses and ransomware, this Mac antivirus offers top security (-65%)

For a long time, Macs were considered less vulnerable to viruses than Windows computers. Today, however, they are quite equal in the face of the threat. It was even Apple’s software engineering manager who confirmed this last year. This risk is linked to users who sometimes download infected content.

We cannot blame them, it is extremely difficult to protect themselves from viruses. In order not to lose your data overnight (personal or professional), it is therefore better to invest in a good antivirus on Mac. It’s the only solution that protects you against the millions of cyberattacks that are carried out each year. If you haven’t been there yet, it could well happen to you soon.

A reference player in cybersecurity on Mac, Intego has been offering for more than 20 in a perfectly adapted antivirus. Called VirusBarrier, it is able to identify 100% of the threats on your machine. And for this weekend, it is displayed at the price of 19,5000€ instead of 49,99€ per year. It’s a mini investment and it buys you real peace of mind. For less than 19€, there is no better value for money.

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These are more than 30 millions of people who use Intego’s Mac antivirus. The company has adopted a unique strategy, which no other cybersecurity vendor applies. In this case, she works exclusively on Mac. Its antivirus has been designed natively for the macOS operating system. It is therefore not a pale adaptation of a Windows antivirus, as all the other players do.

The best antivirus for a Mac

With an antivirus like Intego, you have peace of mind at all levels. First of all, in terms of security – and this is the most important – because the tool is very effective. It is also, in our opinion the best Mac antivirus on the market. Next, on comfort. The software does not interfere with your browsing with pop-ups, it runs in the background and you will forget about it. It’s a real comfort not to be bothered by anxiety alerts.

In its approach to protect only Macs, Intego has also imagined a complete software suite for Mac. The Mac Premium Bundle condenses all of the company’s know-how to secure and optimize Apple machines. This includes the antivirus detailed above, but also three other tools: a Mac cleaning tool, a parental control tool and a back-up tool.

All the tools ‘Intego have the same solid reputation, this pack is the ultimate solution for extending the life of your Mac… at a lower price. In this case, it is sold at the price of 29 ,99€ per year instead of 50,100€. So you save a lot of money in the first year. This allows you to test all the software and validate the interest of each. For having them all installed, you won’t regret any of them.

This special offer put forward by Intego is truly exceptional. By lowering the price of all its software, the company positions itself as the best value for money on the market. Our favorite goes to the suite which includes the antivirus and the cleaning tool on Mac. The latter is ultra-efficient and will allow you to easily speed up your Mac by 50% by optimizing your disk.

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