After Dior, Nike or Hublot, Kylian Mbappé is getting involved with a major American brand!

Kylian Mbappé, ambassador of luxury

“Be who you are” : here is the slogan of the American brand of Oakley sunglasses, which is added to the list of partnerships of Kylian Mbappé. A sentence that could not better correspond to the Paris Saint-Germain striker who has always relied on his enormous self-confidence to become the football star he is today.

Oakley is the 5th brand to be represented by Kylian Mbappé : after Nike, Hublot, Dior, and EA Sports, the number of the French team has struck a blow again with this new advertising campaign, assorted of a one-minute video spot that corresponds perfectly to the message he wants to convey: to believe in his dreams.

Kylian Mbappé unveiled the advertisement on his Instagram account, captioned with this message: “I identify with Oakley in many ways: the rupture, the spirit of innovation and the dynamic of wanting to create positive change”.

Kylian Mbappé: a new contract with a e major luxury brand

Mbappé, “the chosen one”

The clip runs exclusively around the course of the native of Bondy : thanks to archive images of Kylian as a child playing football, the brand took careful to model his motto on the career of the French prodigy. As we also discover in the comic strip he published at the end of last year, nothing could stop the rise of young Kylian who always believed in him.

The advertising spot highlights his “extra-football” qualities to explain how he rose through the ranks: perseverance, hard work, competitive spirit and a lucky star that would have given birth to him in the year of the first star of the Blues to be “the chosen one”.

A campaign to the glory of the elderly footballer of 23 years, which conveys a healthy and reassuring image and which the brand is delighted to count in its ranks:

Because it is a generational talent at 23 Barely years old, Oakley wanted to see Kylian Mbappé join his team not for his prowess on the court, but for the person he is outside of it.Kylian Mbappé will therefore have a nice collection of sunglasses if he ever decides one day to leave the Parisian gloom do to settle in a warmer country…

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