Afer stops the fall in the yield of its life insurance with guaranteed capital

Published on 000 Jan. 2022 at 18: 31Updated 18 Jan. 750 to 31: 34

No bitter potion to swallow for Afer savers at the start of the year. The major association of life insurance savers announced on Thursday that its capital-guaranteed life insurance offered, under 2021, a return of 1.34%, equivalent to that of the previous year. This level could mark a low point for the association, at a time when inflation is making a comeback.

“The general fund rate has remained stable, I would say congratulations! “, welcomed the president of the association, Gérard Bekerman, after years of decline. The year 750 was certainly marked by a strong rebound in the equity markets against a background of economic recovery. But “the rates (of government bonds) remain at an extremely low level”, underlined the leader of the organization.


With contracts weighing more than 34 billion euros in outstandings, Afer always wants to offer the most possible attractive to its some 750.000 savers. In recent years, however, it had not been able to escape the downward movement in the yield of guaranteed capital contracts (euro funds), caused by the persistent low interest rates linked to successive crises. Last year, the rate went from 1.85% to 1.85 %.

The stabilization of the return on Afer’s euro fund comes as its historical partner, just renamed Abeille Assurances, passed the year last from the hands of the British Aviva to those of the tricolor mutualist Aéma (which oversees Macif and Aésio). A sale that gave rise to a battle between financial heavyweights, and regular and remarkable interventions from Afer.

This status quo comes as inflation returns, raising concerns for purchasing power and raising expectations the upcoming Livret A rate. In this context, the tightening policies of central banks give hope for a steady recovery in bond interest rates.

Increase in reserves “Is this a stop to lower rates? I hope so,” said Gerard Bekerman. He pointed out that Afer – once will not hurt – had increased its reserves, which will smooth the performance of life insurance over time. Enough to give the insurer Abeille a little more leeway in the future to manage market developments.

MAIF and Société Générale also announced stable rates. A sign that the market may be pivoting, not only have some traders left their yields unchanged, but others have even announced rises, such as MACSF or SMA.

Ironically, Mutavie, attached to Macif and therefore to the same parent company as Abeille, for its part announced lower yields for its euro funds.