Administrative: How to have an up-to-date family record book?

During your life, you will inevitably have to carry out countless administrative procedures in order to assert your rights or to claim various public measures. However, in this context, it will be necessary to prove your identity, or even those of the members of your household .

Handed over to the birth of your first child or during your marriage, the family record book is used to justify the composition of your siblings and the civil status of each. This official document obtained from the town hall can in particular be presented for registration at school, to withdraw a birth certificate or at the request of a notary in the context of, for example, an inheritance. The family record book often avoids a new procedure to obtain an extract of civil status, since it already compiles all those of your family members. But it is still necessary to keep it scrupulously up to date.

A free process

The law imposes to take the necessary steps to update it for any significant change in family situation affecting one of the persons listed in this booklet, such as a (re) marriage, a divorce , the birth of a new child, an adoption, a death or the loss or acquisition of nationality. The change of name, first name or sex must also be reported.

The process is in all cases free and must be carried out at the town hall, so that the state officer civil completes this document. In some cases, you may even be able to request a new passbook.