Adainville: justice gives reason to the farmer against the residents

Published on 15 Jan. 2022 at 11: 29

On January 7, the Administrative Court of Versailles rejected the appeal filed by a couple of local residents (Odile Jacob, owner of the famous eponymous publishing house and her husband Bernard Gotlieb) against the establishment of an organic farm and a stud farm in the town of Adainville. This is the third legal victory for the farmer, Fabien Le Coidic. The same administrative tribunal has indeed, on 11 December 2020, rejected the complaint in summary proceedings requesting the suspension of their building permit, then the Council of State confirmed this judgment.

Local residents attacked the building permit issued by the municipality of Adainville because of the visual, olfactory and noise pollution that the project would cause them. The court brushed aside these arguments, considering that the few constructions envisaged (dwelling house, farm, etc.) are located more than 500 meters from the plaintiffs’ home. The judge considers that at this distance the nuisances alleged by the plaintiffs have not been demonstrated, as well as the damage that automobile traffic could generate on the road leading to their home.

Complainants located too far away

“The court indicated that the plaintiffs are located far too far away to claim a cause of action. In a context where the appeals of neo-rurals against farmers are increasing, this judgment has a national scope,” rejoices Timothée Dufour, the farmer’s lawyer. Corinne Lepage, former Minister of the Environment and lawyer for the plaintiffs does not wish to comment on the court decision.

The judgment was awaited with great interest by the agricultural world (interregional chamber of agriculture and agricultural unions) and local elected officials (mayor, parliamentarians, president of the department, etc.)… The case is indeed emblematic of the conflicts that can oppose the agricultural world and certain newcomers (owners of second homes or neo-rurals).

Modest project

“We often have cases of this type with farmers facing hostility from local residents, relates Christophe Hillairet, president of the Ile-de-France interdepartmental chamber of agriculture. But the case of Adainville surpasses all the others: the project is modest, the farm buildings are 500 meters from the dwellings and the farm is organic! » Fabien Le Coidic and his partner wish to set up on their land in Adainville a dozen cows from a breed threatened with extinction “the Breton magpie” and a stud farm of 28 horses. They were able to acquire the land following a selection process conducted by the Land Development and Rural Settlement Company (Safer).