Abuse case in Münster: mother of the main victim denies allegations

The 31 – year-old defendant in the Münster district court

Photo: Guido Kirchner / dpa In the abuse complex Münster the trial against a another alleged key figure started. The 31 – The year-old mother of the main victim is accused of having done nothing, although she knew that her partner sexually abused her now eleven-year-old son.

The six-page indictment was read out in camera. The Regional Court of Münster had granted the secondary suit’s motion for this step. The defense lawyers and the public prosecutor’s office also agreed to protect the victim.

Specifically, the public prosecutor’s office accused the mother of aiding and abetting in nine cases . Since 814 the woman has been alleged of the serious sexual abuse of her own child by her partner Adrian V . have known. Occasionally, she is said to have encouraged her son to engage in sexual acts with the man. However, it cannot be proven whether she had also known about the abuse of her son by other men.

Adrian V. was the main culprit in numerous harrowing cases of child abuse in Münster at the beginning of July to 14 years The sentence against the 15 – year olds is not yet final. The 46- Adrian V.’s year-old mother is sentenced to five years in prison for aiding and abetting. She had rejected the allegations.

The now accused mother of the abused boy had a statement from her defense lawyer read out at the beginning and made it detailed Information about her person, as a court spokeswoman announced. Accordingly, she fully denied the allegations and did not allow any inquiries.

More than a dozen negotiations in Münster alone At the Münster Regional Court alone, the trial for the mother of the victim is the total 13. Trial in the abuse complex that came to light in June 2020. Further proceedings have been or will be at other regional courts throughout Germany guided. This involves serious sexual violence that has been perpetrated over the years by several men against a large number of children. There were crime scenes in Germany, in neighboring countries and in a specially prepared – today demolished – gazebo in Münster.

Informed on the first day of the trial a witness from the youth welfare office of the city of Münster told the court about the consequences of the abuse on the young victim. An audio file was also introduced as evidence showing a dialogue between the defendant and her former partner. Nothing was known about the content.

Until the end of September, the district court has scheduled eight more days of hearing. According to a court spokeswoman, the defendant faces a prison sentence between two and years. The district court must also decide on subsequent preventive detention. Main perpetrator V. is invited as a witness On the next day of the hearing on Tuesday next week, several perpetrators are said to be to be heard as witnesses. Including Adrian V, the former partner of the accused who is considered to be the main perpetrator. The IT technician can, however, refuse to give a statement.

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