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Transcript for ABC News Update: Supreme Court strikes down part of ‘amateurism’ rules by NCAA

Good morning I’m Diana Saito thanks for streaming with us in today’s update we start with breaking news from the Supreme Court. Today’s unanimous ruling the court struck down a portion of the NCAA amateurism rules saying they violate federal antitrust laws. The NCAA is no longer able to bar schools from providing student athletes with education related benefits like free laptops tutoring programs are paid internships. The ruling is being hailed as a win for college athletes but it doesn’t allow salaries for players something advocates have been hoping we’ll. For the first time in more than a year Madison Square Garden hosted a sold out concert. The Foo Fighters played to full and fully vaccinated crowds in New York City at last night. There was no social distancing and no masks as New York’s productivity rate remains at its lowest level since the start of the pandemic. But there are growing concerns about the highly contagious dealt a variance. It’s now at least 45 states and is expected to become the dominant strain in the US over the next few months. Experts say getting vaccinated is still the best thing you can do to protect yourself. Andy bronze president elect Abraham right C is held a press conference this morning for the first time since he was declared. The election winner on Saturday he called. On the US to remove sanctions and returned to the original Iran nuclear deal. Talks aimed at reviving that deal have caused temporarily since raised his election. He also added that Iran’s ballistic missile program is not negotiable and ruled out a potential meeting with president Biden. And severe weather is on the move out. Two tropical storm clawed debt or through this south. As part of that storm an EF two tornado ripped through Alabama destroyed more than fifty homes and leaving a path of destruction more than twenty miles long. Helen Lopez is in Alabama with the latest. This morning flooded and moving up the so fees. Do the Carolinas after leaving behind a trail of destruction this weekend. An Alabama at these dangerous flash floods pouring through the roads. Any niece prudent Angela spears is grateful to be alive after she says a tornado some driver mobile home Saturday if. Now all eyes came and and win my and no loan account. The National Weather Service now says that in EF two tornado tore through this Syria. With an estimate a 127. Mile per hour winds twenty people injured and this morning authorities investigating all of whom live 617 vehicle pileup on I 65 near Montgomery. After the county corner says a car likely Hydro planed on rain slicked roads.

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